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FastForecast 24 September

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Good morning citzens of the UEE, we come to you today from a very chilly Clio and a considerably more lighthearted note today. While continuing our search for leads on the pulse weapon, the narcotics trade or the exotic alcohol bootlegging, we came across a Banu trader at an outpost and made the mistake of engaging in conversation.

For those of you who do not know, as we didn't until afterwards, the Banu are amazing traders. Their entire culture is trade. If you want something or want to know who knows someone who can get something, find a Banu. Interestingly enough, information is also a commodity that a Banu can get his or her hands on if you have something interesting to trade and wouldn't you know it, the FastForecast Valkyrie is full of prototype and proprietary equipment that can be found nowhere else.

A LOT of trading later and we have information that we can use with contacts on several planets and moons and new identities to get us there as well as some really neat tech and we're down one Fastforecast Prowler. The whole Prowler. We started out with the Banu wanting our sensor dish and mainframe and worked to an offhand remark of "You should see the Prowler" and…. well now he has a Prowler. Amazing traders. Hold onto your wallets.

Bye big guy

That said, we're off again, quite a bit lighter in the wallet and the hangar and more educated on the Banu. Someone warn us about things like this next time. Absolutely brilliant and polite people the Banu. We're off to investigate the leads and have this new tech installed at our hangar so from your FastForecast, we're offering today's news "Banu are great traders. Take a lawyer with you into all trades. Even tire exchanges. Or dinner. Or saying "Hi."

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