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FastForecast 29 September

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Good morning citizens. It's another beautiful day from here on Clio and it has been an interesting 24 hours. Let's take you to a wrapup of today's news.

We caught another emergency beacon from Captain Afioline. at almost 30,000 kilometers above MicroTech's northern pole.

From cameras onboard, placed earlier, we have a good view of him escaping via the onboard Pisces. It seems the Carrack's fuel lines ruptured, filling the engineering with a volatile mixture of hydrogen and quantanium. With alarms blaring, we watched as he just barely made it past the blast zone as the inevitable spark from the massive engines sparked the mixture, causing an explosion that we could see even from our location on Clio.

MicroTech medical says that the good captain was picked up with minor burns and concussion and will be out of commission for at least a week and is currently under investigation for possible insurance fraud. The possibility of so many ships having so many catastrophic failures in so short of a time is highly unlikely and UEE inspectors are doing a deep dive in financials as well as the possibility that he is the target of sabotage.

Speaking of life and death events, we were fortunate enough to catch up with another informant from our Banu friend's list at a secluded location

We found our informant in a deep canyon, hidden from satellite scans by high deposits of heavy metals and narrow ravines. We were surprised to find just how comfortable it was and did our meeting without a helmet. It's always nice to catch a lung full of clean, warm air.

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Almost a million UEC and several hours later, we were given an early blueprint of the pulse weapon and it's intimidating. We're not quite sure what to do with this. If the attacker is within the UEE and marking the battleships, alerting them and handing this off will make it disappear. If we hand it to law enforcement, we've already seen Crusader Security is on the take (our full report is being finalized now). This is a current and very real danger so what should we do with it?

We headed back to New Babbage to do some thinking and grab a StimCaf and were…disappointed. What is this? Why can we not get a StimCaf at Garcia's? Why can we not pronounce anything on the menu? We submit this report drinking something green with a sprig of something purplish green that was 25 UEC for a "vente'" in a biodegradable cup that we are sure is going to melt away before we finish this report wanting to get back to Dark Fall and our supply of the good stuff.

Citizens, we'll have an answer for you soon. We're tired and this stuff isn't helping us think. Remember, StimCaf. StimCaf, when you need to be awake and alert next week and not this moon's forsaken mess.


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