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FastForecast 30 September

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Good afternoon citizens. It's a beautiful day from here at MicroTech. We'll start our news broadcast with some local news and then go from there.

At 0130 am local time while headed back to Dark Fall, we discovered "Customs Officials" wearing "Crusader Security" patches on their uniforms trying to force open access panels on our ship. As we long ago switched out the standard Anvil bolt heads for our own versions, they were having a difficult time of it and had just wheeled out a cutting torch when we came in with a StimCaf in hand.

On our approach, a "Customs Agent" approached us with their name tape covered and attempted to draw us back inside the terminal with discussions about registration 'irregularities' when our tamper alert systems began blaring inside the hangar. I inquired with the 'agent' about what was going on and he tried several more times to draw me to the elevator before telling me he had to report me to 'higher up' and then took off at a run. At this point, half a dozen figures in Crusader uniforms fled our ship and left the torch still burning against the landing gear. It was purely chance that we showed up when we did. What were they looking for on Dark Fall? Were they pirates looking for a score? That thought doesn't hold up as a scan shows no cargo on the old Valkyrie and she's not the most expensive ship sitting at dock. We're also very thankful to our friends at the CareBear organization for the modifications to armor and bolts during the rebuild. You guys saved us some issues.

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Next up we have some interesting events from around Yela. A pilot aboard a Drake Caterpillar was in the middle of a quantum jump when he radioed to us a fluctuation in quantanium feeds in his engines. Engineering showed, according to him, engines 3 and 4 an over supply and some sort of gravity disturbance between Yela and Port Olisar. The disturbance was so great that it quite literally resulted in his grav plates becoming ineffective and, well the picture speaks for itself. He was walking on the side wall as if it were the floor. What could cause such a disturbance despite artificial gravity working properly? Any pilots who have experienced this, please let us know.

Citizens, despite all of the news going on of late, we have not stopped investigating the narcotics ring, corruption and the bootlegging from MicroTech. While checking out the gravity disturbance reported around Yela with our own sensors, we picked up a pair of Carracks that were scanning as having their cargo area heavily shielded. When we began to approach for a more in depth and deeper scan, both ships jumped to quantum with no obvious heading, a blind jump which is dangerous under the best of conditions, insane as a pair.

We took off after them because we have absolutely no sense, trying to get a picture of their registration numbers but as you can see, they've been scrubbed from their hulls and replaced with generic running numbers. We did catch one of their transponder frequencies before they jumped despite a jamming effort that was able to confuse our systems for a brief period of time. The transponder relays back to MicroTech and the brewery hot house we investigated weeks ago. If this is legitimate shipping, why the odd reaction to a standard scan? Why the blind jump? Why erase your hull numbers and blast out jammers to keep your transponder codes from being read?

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Citizens, we're on the case day in and out. We appreciate your support and attention, your donations and Anvil for keeping us in spare parts.


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