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FastForecast 4 November

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Good morning citizens, your FastForecast is online and broadcasting today after quite the whirlwind of the last few days. We're rested up after our exploration of the Vara and that… very confusing few weeks and back to responding to search and rescue requests.

Our first one came from Daymar. A paramilitary organization, the "UEE Marine Corp", Fireteam Viper found itself crashing a VERY expensive Javelin into the surface of the planet. The ship's registration according to the UEE Naval records is "UEEN Swordfish, designation UEE-0093".

Seems our Marine friends here are better at being on the ground than piloting and they misconfigured their jump drive and wound up slamming into the middle of the mountain. From an entire ship worth of fighters, we have a total of 4 remaining, among them, this trio. As you can see, when we arrived, aside from pointing weapons at the ship, they had one trying to weld…something. Bold strategy Cotton.

Very polite group however and we were off and headed back to Port Olisar to get them a drink and then we were back off.

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We've noticed KSP has been quite busy here lately so we were drawn there almost immediately as our scanners were pinging with alerts of intrusion as well as our own probes showing weapons fire and quantum grabbers in effect. Unfortunately, our Valk was disabled on approach but we are not above an EVA to get a story.

25 kilometer space walk later and we come back across our friends from the UEE Marines again in a new ship, the UEEN Olympus engaging privateers trying to hack the system and to clear their names as we mentioned in a previous report.

Almost an hour into the back and forth combat, we saw a freelancer bravely enter the arena and advance towards the Olympus. There was no way a Freelancer had any chance against the Hammerhead but the pilot had other ideas.

We heard the sound of a quantum drive spooling up and were curious as to where they were going on their fast approach to the Hammerhead which was slamming their cannons into the shields of the Freelancer. All of a sudden there was the displacement of mass with vacuum and the Hammerhead imploded. For the first time in our memory, someone used a quantum drive as a weapon.

Citizens, this changes everything. Even corvette class ships are not immune to the smallest of ships if they can jump to quantum THROUGH the larger vessels and use the Einsteinian formula against their gargantuan foes.

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We will admit to being shaken by this so we headed back to Port Olisar just in time to see a Sentinel blown to pieces on the pad by an errant torpedo. We found no survivors but were fascinated by the gentleman in the yellow armor just..watching it burn with it's crew inside. He refused to comment just stood watching.

We're going to grab a StimCaf and get this on the wire folks. We appreciate your patience and the donations we've been getting streaming in for our contest in December. Remember, Dec 1-23, get your new pilots to comment on our news feed.

From all of us at FastForecast, thank you.

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