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FastForecast Early Report 23 September

Content of the article: "FastForecast Early Report 23 September"

Citizens, we release this early report today with scant details. A UEE Naval cruiser, the INS Last Strike was hit by a pulse weapon while on patrol near MicroTech. Seconds after the pulse occurred, the large vessel began to tilt towards atmosphere and engage full thrusters. As you can see in the picture from our cameras, elevators deployed and locked, trapping all sailors inside.

We watched this craft renter MicroTech's atmosphere and burn and stood silently by, recording as it's captain fought the locked controls and radioed for help. We amplified his broadcast but our Valkyrie is not a heavy lift ship nor is she able to break the fall of a corvette at full burn gripped by gravity. We could do nothing but watch as this naval vessel burned to it's death and exploded into the icy wastes below.

Following in it's wake, we spent over 3 hours looking for survivors but the heat of the ship burned a hole in the ice and then the glacial temperatures quickly entombed the vessel and those within leaving no evidence of their remains.

We will report more as we find out citizens, we mourn with those who lost sailors on this crew and will redouble our efforts to get to the bottom of this pulse weapon. Why is it being used over MicroTech? Are they targeting the planet and moons or the naval presence there? Who is behind it?

Last views from internal cameras on the Last Strike

We will not rest until we find out citizens. From the Imperial Media Ship Dark Fall, this is your FastForecast, signing off.

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