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Flight Combat Pip Manipulation

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It's no secret that the state of the game is in complete disarray when it comes to flight / flight combat. Much of the PVP and competitive community has been up in arms about it for many years at this point. The nerf to projectile velocities combined with gross reliance on auto aim to make up for trash netcode has not worked.

To top it off, the flight model has been programmed in such a way that allows for ridiculous manipulation of the pips in order to make it extremely difficult to land shots on certain individuals. The common understanding is that it has something to do with the way jerk is calculated when inputs are spammed rapidly, although, obviously, there is no way to confirm this from the outside.

In any case, some people got sick and tired of it and are now going to expose the tricks these people are using. It's hard to call it an "exploit" since it's just abusing the way the game is coded at the moment, but, it's crappy, and everyone else deserves access to the same "tools."

A lot of people are using a specific set of macros to accomplish this, but the same effect can be had by reducing saturation on sticks to 0.15 or just spamming the strafe keys in a particular order which you can see in the linked video. (up down left right, up down left right, etc, etc) or you can do down up right left, down up right left, it doesn't matter).

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All that matters is that you spam the digital inputs to the point that it makes the pips go wild.

Here's an example of the wiggle in use.

It's our hope that if this gets widespread enough, they'll be forced to take notice and do something about it. Below are some links to similar posts and IC reports that have been made through official CIG channels.

So, go into AC and PU and wreak havoc.

You too can be an AC super star in no time!


The goal of this post is to generate enough noise surrounding this abusive behavior that CIG will be forced to do something about it. The competitive scene has been plagued with macro bots for almost a year and a half now. It's time to level the playing field and get this up the chain until someone puts an end to it. Also, the person who made the video is not me. This is just one example that I found that demonstrates the behavior pretty clearly.


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