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From a non believer, to a currack in 1 day.

Content of the article: "From a non believer, to a currack in 1 day."

TL;DR – I hated this game, without even trying it… What an idiot. Now that Ive tried it, my friends have had a hard time getting me off it!


So the first time I "played" star citizen was in 2015, with the release of the hub in arc corp you could walk around with friends in. I wasnt amused, as I was younger, and less wise about what it takes to make a regular game, let alone something like this project.

I told all my friends what a "scam" this game is, and that backers were just letting devs drive ferraris blah blah. You have heard it all. I was a very salty anti star citizen player, and would mock anyone who gloated about it.

Now, I'm a little older, little wiser. I decided to play during the freefly event, to see what has changed since 2015…and holy shit.

The visuals are something to be awed at, seeing arc corp for the first time sent me into another realm. The immersion of the city, the things you could see/do there. I was instantly hooked.

I had no fucking clue what I was doing, as I had nobody to play with as I was too embarrassed to ask all my friends who I've been calling suckers over the years I wanted to check it out. I found some random people in various stations and I would ask them for assistance, and that's when I realized that this entire community, is some of the most kind hearted, generous helpful communities I've ever experienced in my gaming life. Each player personally took hours out of their day to show me things, let me fly their ships, even gave me in game credits so I could have some spending money.
It shows me that everyone In this community just wants this dream to work, and come true.

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I started watching dev videos, and interviews. And never have I seen a game, sooooooo engaged with the community, and allowing each member no matter the level of pledge, speak their voice and take it into consideration.

I was hooked. I purchased the currack standalone with a seperate pledge, and I've been on every night since. I have ate my pride and ego, I let all my friend who I've been talking about to over the years I'm back into it. They were very happy I was coming Into their world, and even happier when they found out we all own a currack!

I'm Soo happy to join this journey with you all, and watch this amazing project grow to new heights. I've already got my eyes on some new ships! Waiting until November. 😀

Thanks for reading. And any advice you have to a new player feel free to send it over.


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