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How to crack larger rocks than your laser can handle!

So we can all argue how bad the Helix got nerfed. I feel the power is too low. If CIG would increase the power rating a little, that would greatly help the solo miner.

There is something I wanted to share with you all. I discovered this idea mining my way, struggling to crack a juicy deposit. It dawned on me because I have some experience with audio production. I had a moment, and the idea sprouted out of nowhere. AH HAA!!! I said!

Here's the trick. And I assume this can work on any mining head as long as you have at least two consumable slots. Three is ideal, however.

Say you found yourself a 7500 mass deposit of Agricium with a high yield of 25%. You can still crack this bad boy! Make sure that you equip Surge and Optimum. Always note the resistance and instability rating! I have not had enough experience yet to ascertain correlations with the mass and resistance and this method so, I cannot provide much info there.

So you ramp up the heat and attempt to crack it. Your laser energy bar is 100%, and your rock energy is throttling up and down to about 10% and 0%. That indicates that without another laser or more power, you are not going to crack it. Are we still tracking?

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So what you do is pop a Surge. Note the % level of the rock energy. Next, note the % level at the top of the green sector where we have ideal conditions for cracking the deposit. You are estimating the distance between these two points. Keep this as a mental image for reference. You will need it later.

Before we get to the fun stuff, check your consumable's timer, and make sure you can launch another Surge before you let the rock's energy decrease.

Next, you let the rock energy decrease but, only enough to give you that amount you pictured in your mind before. (The estimated difference between the rock's energy and the top of the green sector). That should give you enough to make up the difference you lacked when testing with the first Surge. Don't forget to preload your laser's energy to 100% before deploying your second Surge / first Optimum.

Now you can deploy Surge again, for a second time. If you calculated your energy % correctly, you should be within the green sector, hopefully just a tad from the top of it. You can deploy the Optimum charge now. Or do so nearly at the same time as the Surge. That will help prevent you from overloading the rock's energy.

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Now all you have to do is keep the laser energy maxed out. Try to avoid throttling down, but do it if necessary. Try to stick between 70% – 100% on your laser energy. Knowing how many scrolls it takes helps. One or two scrolls should be enough. Up and Down, watch your green, try to keep it in the middle, or slowly decreasing. If you do this correctly, you will crack it while preventing overload and underload.

I hope this technique helps you as it is going to help me.


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