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How to crew up in the Carrack with random people

The last few days I have been hoping in the verse and putting out calls in global chat to crew up in my Carrack; with no real goal or initial plan in mind I set out to recruit a rag tag bunch of randos to lead on adventures around the verse and this has been my experience and take away. While it does take a bit to get everyone rallied together and on board the Carrack once you get consistent at it I have found the experience to be very fun, engaging, and perhaps one of the best examples of Star Citizen's sandbox like emergent gameplay and shows why Star Citizen is unlike any other experience I've had before. The crew experience I will speak to is from my experience being able to captain the Carrack from the technical deck with one crew mate as the dedicated pilot and at least 3 other crew mates to operate the turrets, with myself manning the 4th remote turret (Side Note: At times I have also let other players captain the Carrack while I filled other roles such as pilot).

Recruiting Crew for the Carrack
While it's not easy catering to a bunch of different players who are all onboard the ship with vastly different game loops expectations and with vastly different levels of experience, more often than not greenhorns new to the verse made for some of the more fun and rewarding crew mates to have on board as they were more willing to partake in a wider range of activities such as mining or investigation missions as opposed to more jaded players who only wanted to perhaps do Bounty Hunting that promised quick pay out and instant action. Depending on whats already loaded in the garage of the Carrack usually determines the amount of crew I can initially recruit. it's easier to recruit crew by asking for help loading vehicles like the Ursa rover, Greycat Roc, or cyclone TR as most players seem willing to help with easy and fun low skill task like this. On the occasions where the Carrack is already fully stocked with vehicles I found it harder to convince enough people to join as it forced me to more definitively say I was either going to Bounty Hunt, explore, trade, or mine that day which tends to split the chats interest but saying "we can do whatever you guys want" seemed to work even less at convincing people to crew up. the upside to having all the vehicles loaded up however is that once you eventually get enough crew to join you, its easier to immediately jump straight into the action after waiting 30mins for everyone to arrive at Everus Harbor.

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What to do once you have a crew
Using the Pisces to ferry the arriving crew from the rendezvous point and to the orbiting Carrack just never gets old and it's highly recommended over landing and departing Carrack from hangar to get everyone on board! Once everyone is on it's become standard for me to instruct or guide the crew to the habitation deck to set their spawn point at the medbay before we set off. Depending on the temperament of the crew I found the following two gameplay loops to be some of the most rewarding experiences you can have crewing up with randos in the Carrack.

Combat Focused Loop
For the more combat focused experience my favorite thing to do has been to sprinkle in a mix of space and ground combat for the crew to engage in. Bounty Hunting is of course a quick and fun way to get the crew to feel like they are actually doing something and making uec while doing it but once they have proven themselves space combat worthy I like to throw in at least one compound assault mission their way as there is always at least one person in the crew whos never done it. This is always fun to me because as captain I get to give the crew a mission briefing before we engage which usually includes at least 2 of them driving a rover or cyclone out the ramp of a moving carrack to assault the AA guns and clear a landing. Finding fun, quick, and novel ways to tackle these missions has provided hours of fun and if that mission can be cleared relatively quickly then I try to extend the experience by embarking on an 890 jump mission to close out the gameplay loop before going back to a space port for repairs and RnR as well as a new volley of global chat recruitment for more crew, because the more the merrier!

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Exploration/Adventure Focused Loop
For the less intense action oriented players and/or those open to a more sandbox minded experience this is the type of player where the experience of being apart of the crew is already half the fun and admittedly this style of gameplay is perhaps my favorite as I don't think you can get this kind of game experience anywhere else! For this loop I like to treat the Carrack like an independent vessel out in the verse getting roped into scenarios as they come up. This could be as simple as sharing an investigation mission or as free-form as acting like a patrol vessel for the verse where we jump from planet system to planet system making sure no one is griefing landing pads or it can be offering transportation to players looking for a quicker QT travel time or maybe offer escort services to mining expeditions, the options are near limitless. Playing this way has often lead to others becoming more engaged in the server as well where in one such scenario we were being targeted by a hostile pvp player who caught wind of our Carrack excursions and decided to chase us around the verse before we realized we had a spy on board giving away our location.

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These are just some of the ways I've been having fun lately in the verse with my favorite ship and I figured I'd share my experience and maybe some ideas or formats for anyone else out there who has the carrack but has struggled with getting an organic crew experience going. One day I will have a dedicated rag tag group of friends to explore the verse with but until then contracting out randos like this has provided a scratch to my multicrew Carrack itch. If anyone ever needs a crewmate on their own Carrack feel free to shoot me a message and lets crew up!
TLDR; I consistently recruit random players to be crew on my Carrack and we do combat focused AND/or exploration-adventure focused game loops and you can too!


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