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I automated the data-mining of the mining data!

Hello citizens!

There are some questions that are asked very frequently in the various Star Citizen communities. When I first started to work on SC Trade Tools, my goal was to provide an accurate, always up-to-date answer to "What's the best trade route?". But with the Greycat ROC hopefully being available in-game in 3.11, the free-fly prospector and the trading exploit, another question has become increasingly frequent: "Where is the best place to mine?". And rightfully so: it is very hard to find accurate and up-to-date data on mining!

So I put my head down for a few weeks and am now able to present to you the SC Trade mining tool! Hopefully you guys find it useful 🙂

"What's worth mining?" you ask? Just click the blue button!

Gathering its data straight from the game's files, the /mining page of SC Trade Tools will stay perfectly accurate and up-to-date, patch after patch. It comes with 2 major features:

  • Minables price list (see image above), to quickly know if what you've found is worth mining.
  • Best places to mine in Star Citizen, powered by the same powerful filters used everywhere else on the website.
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All results are ordered by an index I've created from the various data points called "Ore Value Index", or OVI for short.

What goes into the calculation of the Ore Value Index (OVI) of a location?

The Ore Value Index (OVI) takes into account a number of things: individual ore value, deposit purity, geographical abundance of deposits and size of deposit clusters. Think of it as the total value of a volume of space if it were to be strip mined. While this does mean that somewhere with rare but valuable ores could have the same OVI as somewhere littered with medium-value ores, you can look at the OVI breakdown (by deposit and ore) and use the filters to refine the results.

Where is the best place to mine?

Because in the end, that's the real question!

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More mobile friendly

In this release of SC Trade Tools, I've also worked hard to improve the mobile friendliness of the website: both the forms and the navigation had a improvement pass!

See you in the 'Verse!

  • There's a dedicated feedback issue in the project's GitHub page.
  • If you find a bug/have a suggestion, please report them here.
  • If you want to support the project, you can do so here or here.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have below. Happy mining!


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