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I feel this needs to be said to CiG and the Backers.

First off I want to say a heart-felt thank you to CIG for all their hard work on 'the best damn space sim ever'. I feel that you guys are passionate, dedicated, and I know you're doing the absolute best you can in a difficult situation (Lockdown). While at times I do get frustrated with the game and the development process, I see the hard work that has gone into this difficult project and I appreciate it immensely. I truly love this game.

There has been a lot of frustration on Reddit and Spectrum about the progress seen so far and I am a little concerned that we, as backers, have put CIG into an unwinnable situation. Either they show a lot of features that are incomplete and far down the pipeline, then as a result the backers accuse them of false advertising. Or they only show us what is coming in the next few months and as a result of this they get lambasted for not having more progress. I understand the frustration we have as backers in that there has been such slow progress on SC and the alpha is coming up on a decade of development. However I don't think us bombarding them with demoralizing and negative comments is helpful to our cause. We the players also want 'the best damn space sim ever' to be made (that is unless the reader wants the project to fail). It is quite apparent that we are getting annoyed at the slow pace and I wanted to throw in some much needed appreciation, just for the sake of variety if nothing else.

Something I feel you must keep in mind during this whole process is that no game like this has ever been tried. Sure there are space sims, there are even crowd-funded space sims. But I haven't seen anything at this scope and scale yet in the entire gaming world. The best game comparison I have found in terms of scale has to be RDR2. While its not a space sim it is a huge, open world sand-box, triple A title that took just over 8 years to complete. But remember, it was made by an already established company with many other functioning titles to fund it, it had a bigger budget ($540mil), had a much larger development staff, and the game engine was already mostly built. CIG has had to start a company from scratch and then grow to the size it needs to be to complete not one but two projects, create the tools to build the universe from scratch, make everything at an extremely high fidelity, and finally had to do it predominantly without corporate backing in order to make the game properly as CR envisioned it. A vision we all share, which is why we backed in the first place. This is not even mentioning the fact that they had to start working mostly from home as a result of lockdowns.

Perhaps keeping these facts in mind will help us to express our disappointment without being so overly-harsh as to demoralized the very people we want excited and passionate. I am not saying you can't criticize, but be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot while doing it. Remember we are all in this Verse together.

TL;DR: The game development is slow but there is good reason and we need to express criticism without killing the motivation of the team. We all love the game and want it to succeed.

: It was pointed out that the budget of $540mil for RDR2 was actually including The game development, development of RDR online and advertising all in total thanks to u/crazybelter for that correction.


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