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I just had the most amazing experience outsmarting a griefer…TWICE

Someone in an Arrow was griefing people as they approached and took off from Everus Harbour, including me as I came in from ArcCorp with an Avenger to see who exactly it was. I had to reclaim the Avenger and I have a free Arrow by virtue of having a Freelancer, so I took off in stealth mode and snuck across the station with scan pings to see who was around.

It was "Hollies" sitting 2.5km out of the station destroying people with missiles and guns as they approached. I called them out and they came right for me…someone else had tried to shoot them but got CrimeStat so the station guns were shooting at the other people instead. We danced around the station in a blaze of munitions until they stopped firing for some reason, and I wondered briefly where they were.

Turns out the way they were hiding previously from those who searched was by hiding inside the structure of Everus. However, they didn't know I still had them targeted…

I celebrated that I had managed to somehow survive and the people of Everus were free. Others were humored to see me kill them in the default Arrow, and with that joy I went to land at the station to repair…until I realized that "Hollies" was back, this time in a Vanguard Sentinel. They must have rushed to a new ship in a blind rage and took off to try and fight me.

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I was still in the station boundaries so I slowly glided across the structure to keep Everus between me and "Hollies". They flew 5.5km away from the station and then came to a dead stop…I positioned myself behind a floating gun turret with the hope that if they came towards me guns blazing, the station guns would do the work for me.

Except nothing happened. This time we both had each other targeted, no-one moving a muscle…a game of space-chicken. I called them out again to bait them but the thrusters of both ships lay silent – they even ignored other targets. I was still badly damaged from the encounter a scant 3 minutes ago and I was sure their ship was much better than mine, so the only idea I had was to shut down my ship off to see if I could disappear completely.

Apparently, though, this wasn't what happened. I must have been clearly visible to their sensors, because I started hearing gunfire on the floating turret ahead of me. I hurriedly switched on my ship, waiting for the station guns to fire as the screamed straight towards me, full-speed, guns blazing…

…until I realized that they probably couldn't see my piece of floating cover through the blood in their eyes, and that they had no intentions of stopping…

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…and so, in the most ultimate way of playing themselves,

They quit shortly after. And I went to sleep with a grin on my face.

I have to say that I don't think I could have had that experience anywhere else, to be sure.


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