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Immersion : How to add vibrations to your joysticks

TLDR: Added massive vibrations to my left stick.


I have an issue. I have a full VKB setup: dual GF with SCG, rudders, monster tech mounts. Two 32" screens and eye tracking.

But I'm still bad. Of course I could practice, but I think we all know what I really need in order to get better: what I really need is more gear.

Jokes aside, I've always been annoyed at my difficulty to perceive speed in SC. I love racing but I struggle SO MUCH. I honestly think it's the HUD, the vector indicator is almost transparent, so your eyes have to constantly be looking for it, going back and forth from the vector indicator to the speed, and to where your actual nose is pointing. Of course it gets worse in space combat, as you have now to find your enemies, and with IR moving your head makes it even worse (but at least in empty space you don't have to avoid buildings).

So I took pointers from Sim Racers, and looked into transducers to convey speed through vibrations.

The setup:

I was looking into 30w Dayton Audio Puck shakers, but when I mentioned it to my brother he went to his garage and came back with this 100w model(couldn't find an link, sorry!).

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A video makes a poor job at conveying vibrations of course. So the volume is really dialed up. At the beginning there's sound coming from the headset, I cut it at the end (26s in).

So initially it was to feel the ship thrusters right? But this feels amazing. The massive thuds when firing, the whirring of the engine, the shaking when a ship explodes close to you. I though I would put it not too loud, but at ridiculours levels, this is SO IMMERSIVE, for so little investements.

I ordered a second one for my right hand. I'll definitly be adding shakers to my rudders as well as soon as I have them mounted on something.

You could also use something like this and connect the sound from an unused audio output (a screen for example).

PS: I'm fully expecting vibrator jokes.


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