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Introducing The People’s Radio – an in-lore radio station operated by The People’s Alliance of Levski with music tailored to your life in the ‘Verse.

Hi there, I'm BloodEagle. You may know me from such things as ATMO eSports, the Nova Syndicate Thunderbowl, UncleFunk's Machinima, or Outpost Radio.

Seriously though…

I am happy to be throwing my hat in with the amazing talent at The People's Radio. In the coming days/weeks/months you will be hearing my voice amongst the other outstanding people that make up some of Star Citizen's premiere Community Created Content.

About TPR:

While not a fully sanctioned UEE station, The People's Radio is tolerated by the UEE who allow it to continue functioning to fill a need.

The People's Radio is a grey area, legal within Nyx as The People's Alliance control that space but within the UEE it's kind of a grey area. It's more legit than the b00tyCall show which pops up but is not a fully sanctioned station. It's similar to how some FM Pirate stations in London IRL became legal stations. Due to its popularity in providing alternative music and views across the Empire via compromised Aceido CommRelays (usually done by sympathetic Aceido employees who wanted to hear something different), it's maintained a reach. We hear it's quite popular in the Rhetor and Charon systems. Due to the UEE using non-action against this station as a way of showing they are more free and open than under the Messers as well as using it to monitor what's being said outside the empire in places like Nyx and Pyro its operations have been stable.

About the music:

While TPR cannot guarantee that the music being featured on the station is copyright-free, we ARE quite proud to have never received a DMCA notice in 4 years of operation.

While there is a large amount of copyright-free music on the station it isn't all copyright-free. We pay monthly to an intermediary which handles music licensing issues for the stuff which isn't copyright-free and in 4 years of operations since 2018 we have never received a copyright strike on Twitch.

About the site:

Ok, I can see it in your eyes, you are intrigued. To check it out for yourself and catch all the best music for Cargo Running, Mining, Obliterating your opponents, and yes, even CitizenCon 2951 head to the website and listen in
If you want to go straight to the (mix)cloud, try this link
And if you are more of a "visual learner" and cannot break away from Twitch you can head to

The opportunities:

But wait, there's more!
We need you! Creating something like this takes time, money, and most of all PEOPLE…TPR is seeking DJs, Voice Over actors, Live Artists, Personalities, Web Developers, SQL Database Wizards, and anyone else that has 0 skill but a burning desire to help.

To hop aboard this crazy Space Train and ride it till its last stop (SPOILER: THERE IS NO LAST STOP) then all you have to do is head over to our Discord located and let us know what it is you can do for TPR, while TPR pays you in endlessly delightful music.

The Extras:

Some of you may be new and may have never heard of The People's Radio before, so here are a few tidbits for you…

In Lore
The People’s Radio was founded in 2672 by members of The People’s Alliance of Levski on Delamar in the Nyx system. TPR began by providing news and information to the community of anti-U.E.E activists. Today it offers news, entertainment, a historical context, and a platform for dissident voices across the ‘verse.

The real-life history of The People’s Radio is that we began in 2017 as a channel which was an org project. In 2018 The People’s Radio went live for the very first time and we’ve learned a lot and made some great friends along the way. We also received two VIP awards from CIG for our immersive content (The People’s Radio News and the teaser for Laika’s debut music video “This New Ocean”.

With our 2021 relaunch, we moved to a professional radio station software suite running on a dedicated server and added among other things, better sound, professional radio imagining, themed shows, and soon more live content as several new DJs will be joining our ranks.

Song requests and suggesting music for the station
On the website you can actually request songs as well as submit your favorite music to be vetted by our HIGHLY trained hamsters to see if it fits in with the "vibe" of the station. If the music you have suggested passes muster, then it's in! At that point, you can go back and request the ever-loving crap out of it.

The coolness of it all
The People's Radio has not been featured just once by Cloud Imperium Games, but twice



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