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Keep seeing people talk about being bored or having nothing to do in the PU

Content of the article: "Keep seeing people talk about being bored or having nothing to do in the PU"

from experience y'all need to start taking breaks.

I dont mean a day or a week I mean come back next quarter or even further out.

I havent been here from the very beginning but I have been here since 2014 which I feel is long enough to be able to give my thoughts on the matter and have them mean anything to someone. However I dont want to be here all day so here it is:

This isnt a game yet and it likely won't be for some time. If you like testing and reporting bugs thats cool I assume you are still having some fun even now.

If you are a gamer with a dream and limited interest in the development side like me however you just wanna see the cool new stuff. Once you've seen the cool new stuff and you start to feel burnt out the best thing to do is go on hiatus.

From recent history I played a fair bit in 2.0 then 2.5 but I didnt come back after 2.5 until 3.0. I enjoyed 3.0 and tried 3.1 and then left. I eventually came back in 3.10.2 and ive been playing again for a couple of weeks.

Im sure shortly I'll take another break.

You need to look at it this way: you won't miss anything by not being here. What ends up in the game will end up in the game with or without you, and if you take a break and return later you'll have potentially a hand full of new things to see/try and the time you feel invested will last a little while longer.

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Life is short. Dont force yourself to continue doing anything you're tired of.

You can always find something else to take up your time and enjoy it and if you say "no i really cant" that's total bullshit im sorry. You're lying to yourself. There are probably billions of books, other games, music and other media to consume and we have fast Internet now in most places so in my book its an excuse to complain.

Got a bit off track but have seen this argument and it annoys me. We have the widest access to media and information up to now ever and people are like "i have nothing else I like"

Find something else to do my dudes!


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