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Let’s talk about the Aegis Vulcan.

Content of the article: "Let’s talk about the Aegis Vulcan."

This beauty right here is one badass ship. Unveiled as the first concept of 2018, it boasted being the entry level ship to multiple professions through its cadre of drones. The Vulcan can repair, refuel, & rearm on the go – something only stations provide in the current version – and still packs enough punch to hold its own in a hot zone.

It hasn’t been discussed much since its’ inital concept, however I think it has the potential to be one of the most versatile test-bed ships for the alpha.

One of the big things to talk about that’ll make the Vulcan viable is physical components. While not fully implemented yet, being able to carry a collection of different components (& the means to install/repair them) will drastically change gameplay in the alpha. Imagine dogfighting at Covalex, getting beat up, and barely QT’ing out – There’s only one or two places you can go to repair. No doubt your pursuers will spool up & head there to finish you off, where else can you go? With a ship in game that can repair light hull damage, replace components, and rearm/refuel anywhere, it’d be possible to retreat to a moon or asteroid field & wait for a Vulcan to come patch you up.

As a Vulcan owner, I’ll be able to offer my services through beacons but I think it’d be cool to have personal comms you can give to other people (like a phone number), that way you don’t have to broadcast your distress signal publicly with the beacons.

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Of course it’d probably be quicker to just blow up the ship & claim it, however hopefully farther down the line it’d be cost ineffective to claim instead of repair.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this ship in game sooner or later? Why?

Bonus question: Would you like to see a limited fuel processor on the Vulcan? Why or why not?

The Starfarer is equipped with intake scoops to process gasses into Quantum fuel, and while the physical model of the Vulcan has scoops, it was said in CAD (IIRC) they weren’t planning for the Vulcan to process QF, only haul it.


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