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Life in a Cutlass

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I felt like I had to share this story somewhere, it's one of the best times I've had in the ship yet.

Took 2 group MRTs, 17 kills, lost the port engine, both wings and half the guns, fired 10/16 of the missiles before the missile system stopped working I guess from being shot, cabin was exposed to vacuum and on fire.

Then a guy's like "Hey my ship de-spawned can anyone give my ROC a lift?" I'm like "Sure man! Be right there!" Land and he yeets it into the back, "Man, this ship is fucked… What happened?" "Yeah, I fly them till they break." Dropped off at a mining post, thank you's said and friends made, offered a ride but he said he had a ship he could spawn there.

Took a locate the missing person mission for a crash on Hurston surface, so go do that, then load all the strewn cargo in the hold, ship can barely lift off the ground with all the broken engines and maneuvering thrusters, fly to Grim, sell the cargo for about 40 credits… then fly to Oli, repair estimate is almost 4k. Feeling a lot like Mandalorian s02e03 at this point…

Take off from the pad, someone in chat says "Hey Cutlass taking off from Oli, your doors are open." To which I get to reply "No, actually they're shot off along with most of the ship. The repair costs aren't worth it, I'm taking the old gal out to die like a Viking."

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Take another MRT, kill the 5 NPCs at the first one, lose the other main engine. Kill the last 2 to get paid the 27k and bug out while being swarmed by 8 NPCs with the hull red. Ship's making some pretty extreme noises at this point and shaking constantly with almost no ability to pitch down or yaw right from shot out maneuvering thrusters.

Landed back at Oli and had to admit that she deserved the repairs at that point, even at almost 5k cost.

I can't wait until we have full persistence for even more experiences like this.


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