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Mining Strategy for Traders

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Ok. Let me explain.

The "Laranite" bug was fixed in 3.10. Due to the server-side supply and demand nature, players in 3.10 (and most likely 3.11) have to wait until some popular commodities stock regenerates in order to fill their Caterpillars, Carracks, etc.

Most players just park their ships near the outpost and sit AFK.

In my opinion there is a better way to spend your time – like you can go ROC the Hadanite around the area – as we all know you can sell Hadanite at most ground outposts. Some players may not like the idea of constantly loading and unloading the vehicle and spending fuel flying back and forth from the mining operation to the outpost. Here comes the crazy part – you don't have to!

When you land in the cities, there is always some distance between the spaceport and the trading terminal. Like 15-20 km. The terminal can recognize your cargo despite it's being located that far from the city trading center.

Not many players know, but the same is true for all the trading terminals in the verse including the ground outposts. That means – you don't have to risk landing your cargo ship at Tram & Myers, you can land 15 km away and take a snub or Dragonfly run – the trading terminal WILL recognize your ship and you can buy and sell stuff into it.

The same can be applied for the ROC mining – the trading terminal WILL see both your Cargo ship and your ROC from 15-20 km away, so you don't have to waste your time and fuel loading & unloading the vehicle in order to sell minerals.

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Mine some hadanite within the range of 20 km from the outpost -> drop the activity -> leave ROC as is -> take Snub/Dragonfly to the trading terminal -> sell minables -> buy stock -> fly back to your main ship -> Repeat.

Usually, the single medium hadanite rock cluster can fll the ROC up to 50% giving you 100k of aUEC

Same information in the form of a video:


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