Star Citizen

My first 72 hours. I am a masochist.

It all started with a picture on my Twitter feed. The Mercury Star Runner. I had not been following the game nor had any clue where this beautiful, vivacious ship was from.

I must know more about you… I said to myself

I buried myself in YouTube videos. Ran through five or six beginner guides. I felt ready to jump into the game and dropped the last of my splurge money for the month on the Avenger Titan. I’m going to find you baby… I’m going to learn and be the best pilot for you when we meet

But then disaster struck. The moment I get into the Titan, I crash twice into the New Babbage hanger. WHY?! WHY DO I SUCK SO MUCH?! I immediately log off for the night.

What these beginners guides failed to mention was that there was a free flight mode. Where I could learn in a vacuum with little consequence. I gain some of my confidence back and log back into the world.

More learning pains occur. I would spend an hour trying to figure out how to do a single delivery mission. ONE WHOLE HOUR. But I feel so proud when I see the 8k credits depositing into my account. I’m becoming a citizen!

Midway through the second delivery mission, I land on this peculiar moon. I hop off and start running to my delivery destination… until suddenly I see a shadow casting overhead… wtf? Is that my ship???? I see my ship floating above me, tumbling away like a piece of paper blown by a gust of wind. And then an explosion. I sit in my chair, staring blankly at my screen for a whole minute. I finish my delivery and then log out.

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Today, I told myself things would be different. I awaken in port Tressler. I claim and retrieve my poor ship and start to make my quantum jump. Out of no where, a police ship demands a scan. But it’s too late…I’ve already initiated the jump. I’m fined and now have a crime stat on me. But I press on.

I finished three deliveries and one bounty hunt. I’m so proud of myself. I’m learning! I’m going to be the best pilot for you, my MSR! I port at lorville and find where to pay the fine.

20k. 20k aUEC. Most of the day’s pay. I cry internally, pay the fine, and then log out.

Now… will I continue to play? Despite all of these… unfortunate events?

You bet your ass I will. I am a star citizen!


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