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My thoughts on PvP vs. Griefing in Star Citizen; feel free to agree, disagree, expound, or detract.

  1. PvP is an essential aspect of Star Citizen. From clan wars and faction conflicts to raiding and pirating, there will always, ALWAYS be a place for PvP in Star Citizen. In those regards, PvE players must come to terms with PvP in Star Citizen. The game will be crippled without PvP.
  2. PvE is an essential aspect of Star Citizen. All of the gameplay loops being created and implemented by CIG — all of the worlds to explore — will always, ALWAYS be a part of Star Citizen. In many ways, PvE players will fuel the economies of PvP players. The game will DIE without PvE.
  3. Grief control is an essential aspect of Star Citizen. Players who grief usually have no amount of remorse for their actions, and will continue to grief regardless of detriments to themselves. The players that are being griefed will eventually lose interest in the game, leaving the game to the toxic griefing community. Grief control is a necessity for the longevity of the game.
  4. Pirating/warring is NOT griefing. These are intended gameplay loops with their own intended levels of risk/reward. If CIG didn't intend for there to be "illegal" gameplay loops, they wouldn't have bothered making prison gameplay.
  5. Griefing is NOT PvP. Griefing is an abuse of privilege to PvP and goes beyond the bounds of intended gameplay. Furthermore, griefing yields no benefit to the griefer, and thus can further be differentiated from intended PvP gameplay.
  6. The justifications griefers present for their actions are pathetic, idiotic dribble that should be considered as nothing more than the wails of spoiled children. Essentially, the argument goes along the lines of,
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"This is a PvP game, and I, the griefer, am PvP'ing. You, my victim, must agree with the fact that this is a PvP game. I, the griefer, will kill you, my victim. My ability to kill you proves my point, that this is a PvP game and that you must accept it. If you try to resist me, by PvPing me, you prove my point nonetheless. The game's system of PvP justifies my actions. Your issue with my actions is not with me, it is with the system. If you do not wish to PvP, then do not play Star Citizen, which is a PvP game."

My rebuttal to above:

"You, the griefer, are going beyond the bounds of intended gameplay. This game is not defined as a PvP game, but as a simulation game. The game simulates a world in which people make their lives among the stars. Violence can occur in this space, and thus comes in hand with the simulation, but violence itself its not the defining point of the game. In a society, people who commit senseless violence do not go unpunished, simply because they have the ability to commit violence. In the same vein, griefers in Star Citizen cannot be allowed to go unpunished, simply because they have the ability to PvP."

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Griefing must be addressed by the game, and ideally WITHIN the game. This means that the in-game "society" should address griefers with the vehemence that real society addresses murderous rampagers, with expedient justice.


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