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new player – very disappointed in my mustang

Content of the article: "new player – very disappointed in my mustang"

new player here. but made my pledge back in 2018. just now i am thinking is a good time to start playing SC to learn the grind and start back UEC to buy ships and any other item that ill be able to keep. with that said. i am very disappointed is my choice to get the mustang, i am guessing back then i may have been in a better spot. but now to me it feels like a pea shooter when i try to do 2k UEC bounty missions. like it cant kill anything. and thats the main question of this post. i wanna exchange it for a other low lvl starter ship. ive been looking at the avenger titan. for 20$ i can exchange my mustang for it. ive asked in a few different server chats and keep getting told to get that ship over the mustang. thats its a much better starter ship for only an extra 20$. to me it seems like a great choice. stater gun is much better i was told. is this true. is it rly that much better of a ship? i can afford the 20$ as i see its a much better investment for my time in game.

2nd question is that idk how but i have a freelancer in my hanger in game only. i used it to do the Pro Tem bounty mission after i failed to complete it with the mustang. i see its a much better ship but was also told by server chat thats its a bug and not to expect to own it/ have access to it in the future, so cause of that i think invest 20$ more for a much better start ship can only improve my gameplay. as of this post i have 27k UEC and not sure what to spend it on? ship weapons? personal FPS weapons and armor? or should i have it for idk something much better? idk

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any and all help is welcomed. ty in in advance.

Edit- wow. holy crap guys. thank so much for all the help and how fast all of u came to give me advice. very much appreciated. yes i think with all of ur help and advise i am gonna make the move and upgrade to the titan. just cause its a way better over all ship than the mustang. currently. idk about mustang's non functional cargo ramp. so thats an other big reason to upgrade to the titan. again ty all of u for the help.


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