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Origin 400i Leak Thread: The “key” to the ‘Verse

A 3D model is in the works. It should be ready by tomorrow.

You thought the Nomad looked a bit weird? Think again, because the 400i is certainly weirder, and in my opinion hella ugly!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to give an ingame screenshot of the vessel in order to protect my source. However, I can get as close as possible to one via comparisons to real life things! I would draw it myself, but it would look shite.

A 3D model is in the works. It should be ready by tomorrow.

Strap yourself in, because this is going to require some imagination and creativity. There's two ways to think of this ship. First, the "kitbash":

  1. Imagine the 890 Jump. Shave off the very top deck, keeping the dining area.
  2. Replace the bottom half of the ship with the bottom half of the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer.
  3. On each side of the star destroyer-890j combo, at the point where the 890 is the widest, add the wings of the Imperial Cutter from Elite: Dangerous
  4. On the end of those wings, replace the engine pods with vertical fins.
  5. At the bottom edge of the star destroyer-blade-thing at the front, add two horizontal fins like a hydrofoil. The fins are shaped like the tail fins of a whale (with the point of the fins facing back). These fins probably fold up into the "blade", and act as landing gear.
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Next, the "concept yacht":

  1. Take a look at this concept yacht, coincidentally named the "Origin 575"!
  2. Take a big bite out of the bottom of the yacht, so the front resembles a very old key
  3. Replace the two side hulls with vertical fins.
  4. Add two fins that resemble whale tail fins to the bottom edge of the "key". These fins probably fold up into the "key", and act as landing gear.

I know these aren't exactly great explanations, so if you'd like a more definitive model, please wait until tomorrow to see the 3D model. Good luck in the meantime! Feel free to post your attempts down below! I'll take a look at some and let you know how accurate they are.

Current specs of the 400i that are known:

  • 45-65m long, likely closer to 65m
  • Exploration/touring focused
  • S2 quantum drive

I can also understand if you don't believe this considering how elaborate these instructions are, but at the moment this is the best I can do.

If you have questions or are struggling to imagine what this ship looks like, feel free to ask questions and I'll try to explain further.

A 3D model is in the works. It should be ready by tomorrow.


Edit 1:

This "kitbash" attempt by u/itsShibs is probably the most accurate so far.

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