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SC 3.16 / Current Linux Install Guide!


So recently I wanted to use linux again as a main OS after a long break. A big thing was that I want to be able my few games I like to play, one of them being SC. After a few hours of it not working and being frustrated, I found out how to make shit work by looking at comments and other threads on the internet.

So let's get started. Here are some things you will need as prerequisites:

Step One –

Assuming you have all of the prereqs, come here and install with lutris. Follow the instructions, and let it install everything and create the wineprefix. When it's done, start the launcher. Press install if you want, but there's no need. It won't work by downloading, so now in your file explorer go to your windows install of SC and copy / paste it in the star citizen wine prefex program file location. Typically /home/games/star-citizen/cdrive/… etc. will look like this:

Step Two –

With the files in place, go ahead and run lug-helper and do the preflight option. Then go ahead and do the EAC workaround option as well. Before you exit that, download async's DXVK version 1.9.2 as that's necessary, through "manage DXVK version".

With those done, right click on Star Citizen in Lutris and click configure. Yours should look like mine here with some editing:

dxvk-async-1.9.2 is NOT a dropdown option, you must type it in after you download / install it.

Step 3 –

Once you have everything set, go ahead and launch it. It should do a small update and then say "launch game". Assuming you did all the steps with the prereqs, you can now play SC on linux 😀

The only known "issue" I've had is that on startup for a session it can stutter a bit, new areas as well. Shader caching seems to take a little more time, but I played the other day for 6 hours straight doing JT. Inside JT I was getting 60-70 FPS on average with a few other players. I want to say i get anywhere from 5-15 FPS more on linux. It was the first time I hit 80 FPS as well (in space hovering over Lyria).
One thing I'm working on is increasing my zram swap. For some reason, some sessions I've gotten 50~ FPS average in Area18 (no idea how) and other times I get 25 or 30, and at those times it's like I've started the game with max vram capacity. Either it's a coincidence or perhaps a bigger swap partition should help with that (maybe idk I'm not that savvy in linux).

Here are some pictures I've taken o7:


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