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Some leaks about next year from the Chinese community

Content of the article: "Some leaks about next year from the Chinese community"


– Game localization update: Image assets will convert into text form which opens the ability for localization groups to translate.

– A huge themed event, featuring a mission chain with different endings, is coming by the end of this year. Players are called to join CDF by Advocacy to protect the system (basically is the Xeno Threat event uncovered months ago). This will be like a world event in other MMO games to introduce the Pyro system. And base on the leaker, the event is "SQ42 quality".

– Pyro system is pretty much done. The team made a version that doesn't rely on Server Meshing, but because of the lack of interest points in that version, they choose to delay Pyro and wait for Server Meshing to support more content.

– The focus for the first half of next year will be multiplayer gameplay. The team wants to encourage multiplayer/team play. Crew roles will be made to support team play, and this is also the reason they made the force reaction and are making the fire propagation system this year.

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– MedPen and OxyPen will become the ammo of MedGun. The more complex wounds and treatments are in process of building. There'll be different tools to treat different types of injury. The medical gameplay will have points reward in ToW.

– The updated physicalized buttons in ship cockpits are prepared for the future VR environment.


– While there still are new details being added, the ongoing internal Beta test is polishing the finished contents.

– In the leaker's opinion, the progress of SQ42 is about the same as 2077 which already could be released. But he can't speak for CR who is the one makes decisions.

– The streamer is wondering whether the game will have a Chinese language option when released. Leaker can't be sure about this, but he says he will use his influence to strive for foreign language options, even let the existing community localization group members sign NDA in order to localize the game.

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The source is a live stream in Chinese. I leave the source file here in case anyone is interested.

Source video 1:

Source video 2:

Though the sound is processed, he confirms he could get in touch with CIG developer(s) and has a strong influence on the localization group. So basically he identifies himself as AA001, the most creditable leaker in the Chinese SC community since he's the only one that fits the profile. This also makes the leaks believable.


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