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Some Pro Tips on using the pledge store, when to buy and what to buy for all the new players joining.

Advice # 1: resist spending on anything beyond an Avenger Titan for now.

On this page near the middle is where you can see the ship upgrades option

When you click on it a new window pops up. On the left are your ships. There is also a toggle for all ships which is very useful. On the right is all the ships you can currently buy. This is important to note, as these will serve as the base for CCUing to limited ships.

The anniversary sale is in November. What you will NOT do during the anniversary sale is buy ships at full price. You will only hoard CCUs to give yourself options. When the time comes, you will "melt" everything you currently have (buying and selling IS your game for these weeks) in order to have the maximum amount of credit to play with. You melt for the duration of the sale, and buy back what you ultimately want at the end of the sale.

  • Melting: go into Account on the top right of the main page > My Hangar > any ship you purchased will have a small arrow on the right, press it > press "exchange" to convert to credit this can be done once every 24 hours, and "melted" items appear in your buy back list on the left had side of your hangar for later access. One rare item can be procured every 3 months with credit using a buy back token. There is a schedule for when these are attributed to our accounts.

  • So back to the anniversary sale, you will use your credit every day to buy the maximum number of cheapest possible CCUs from readily available ships to limited ones, even if they don't interest you at the moment (they might later). Buy the CCUs in your cart with credit which is applied at checkout on the right by pressing "ADD" next to store credits.

As an example, the Prospector is always available at $155 USD. You might be interested in the Super Hornet. You will buy a Prospector to Super Hornet CCU (or multiple) for $25 in store credit each. After 24 hours you 'melt' it and it goes into your buy back list. Note that if you apply a CCU and melt the full ship only the base ship goes into your buy back and the CCU are consumed and lost. This is why I mentioned buying multiples.

  • During an anniversary sale, your fresh cash should go to Warbond CCU's. There are often one or two new ones per day and they are only available for 24 hours. These are discounted and can be chained. So the rules change a bit for chaining these and require some patience and planning (Google Sheets / Excel is your friend). You will buy these not from the cheapest readily available ship, but from the cheapest path possible.

  • Example of how this works: Day 1 is Aegis day and there is a $20 off warbond CCU to the Sabre which is a $170 ship. In this case, you'd buy a Razor to Sabre Warbond CCU for $5, but the value of this is $25. Proceed with doing this every day and see how much of a chain you can build, assuming that the ship on offer falls within the price scope of the target ship you want. Don't buy a CCU to a $700 ship if you have no plans on using it. In some cases with in one sale it is possible to save $80+ on a single ship. I actually buy and store these ands carry them from one sale to another. Doing so allowed me to chain ships with massive discounts, like a $90 Mercury Star Runner, a $260 ship.

  • The only ship to buy with fresh cash is any LTI token, assuming it is cheap enough. An LTI token is usually a sub $100 ship (preferable sub $60) that can serve as a base for these chains. Lifetime insurance means you can NEVER lose the ship you just purchased. There is a strong argument to be made that all ships sold pre-beta should have LTI but we'll leave that out of this thread.

  • I mentioned warbond CCUs during an anniversary sale, but these also go on sale during patch releases that have newly flight ready ships. Coming up in 3.14 the Constellation Taurus will be flight ready and will assuredly have a price increase. It was $150, so you can expect a warbond discount to be whatever the new price is. If the ship goes to $180 as some are predicting that means you can grab a $5 Razor to Taurus CCU worth $35 in upgrade value.

This should hopefully give you a lot of info for building your fleet, and I'm sure some other pros will add whatever I missed in the comments. Kind of like with stocks or crypto, never spend more than you are comfortable to lose, as the game is incomplete and nothing is 100% sure in life. And do not get too attached to any one ship, as changes have ruined the feel of some ships to people based on preferred play styles.


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