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StarCitizen State of the Subreddit Update and 250k Subscribers! (Giveaway included)

Hello Citizens!!!

Since we've hit a massive milestone of 250k users we'd thought we'd have a bit of a subreddit town hall and discussion and provide some updates as to somethings that have led up to this point.

250k Subreddit Subscribers

It's been amazing seeing the subreddit grow into one of the biggest Star Citizen discussion forums outside of the official channels. I know many of us have been here since the very beginning where a few thousand of us were trying to pick out as many details as we could from the little that was released at that point so to see the numbers and the activity that we have today is a little hard to believe but amazing to see.

We're all very grateful for everyone here who contributes via comments and posts and hope we continue having starcitizen being a centre for discourse around this massive project. Thank you all, from the new joiners, the old hats and everyone in between, thank you for being a part of this subreddit. Massive shout out to our mods on the discord server who do a tireless and demanding job there.

Moderating Issues.

Memes and being Directly Related to Star Citizen

The current rule for memes on the subreddit reads as follows:

  1. Memes (and similar content) must feature content directly related to Star Citizen

In the past, we have taken a hard line with memes in how we enforce this rule. The general stance is that if it does not contain any Star Citizen imagery it would be removed. At the time, our thinking behind this was that it keeps the subreddit on track, outside users would have some reference for the memes posted and it would keep the overall memes posted to a suitable limit (i.e. not overflowing the subreddit with memes).

Recently, we've applied this rule a little less harshly. Memes with a suitable amount of SC content will be left as is unless we're getting a significant amount of the same content (i.e. same meme over and over – spam). Additionally, in instances where it's in a standard meme format without SC imagery/content but relates to an event / situation that's easily identifiable that has also been left in.

To give some context here, here is some examples of different memes based on their content:

We're very much aware that this is a video game subreddit and trying to be the fun police doesn't really benefit anyone, however, we also don't to be overrun with memes and low effort content. We'd be interested in hearing the community's thoughts on this so please provide any feedback that you might have.

Advertising Products and Services

A trend which we have seen in the past year is something a lot of platforms and websites experience which is the process of advertising products and/or services related to Star Citizen. This can range from the very obvious (hey here is our product take a look!) to the more subtle (user comments/posts) which is more commonly know as Astroturfing when done by the company itself (rather than positive word of mouth).

In terms of the more subtle approach it would be impossible for us to actively prove any of those methods but what we do see is the follow:

  • Content posted by new or inactive accounts with a focus on that product.
  • Content posted where the content is not obvious but links provided in the comments section by similar accounts as above.
  • Content posted during updates or launches of products.

Generally, I think we would like to support content creators (e.g. Youtubers – especially those creating content that helps people play the game) and those creating products and services directly related to Star Citizen but there is a line. If you have a product or service you wish to market here, there is means via reddit advertising to do so. I also think a one off post regarding a product would be ok (similar to the one kickstarter post games has) but otherwise it should be advertised through normal advertising methods.

Once again, we would like to hear what you have to say about this? Should we establish rules regarding advertising? Should a softer approach be taken? Please let us know your thoughts.

New users, Toxicity and the community

Those of you who have been a part of any community as it has grown larger and larger may know that as it grows, the more likely some toxicity may rise to surface to show it's ugly head. Our subreddit is no different. We have had to deal with racist, sexist and other toxic posts and comments in the past. We've been quite harsh when it comes to toxic users. When discovered these users will generally be issued a ban (which in the case of very toxic or trollish users it is permanent). We tend to see waves of such activity such as:

  • After a major funding milestone is reached and gaming sites publish articles
  • A negative article is posted somewhere (such gaming, pcgaming, games). with users coming from those threads/subreddits.
  • Periods of higher activity (free fly / Citizencon)

On a whole, we've actually seen an improvement in the discourse in the subreddit based on the fewer bans we've had to issue lately. It's a good result but doesn't mean we can't improve as a community.

Be kind and answer new players questions: This is a complex game. It can be daunting for new players so if you do see questions in the questions thread, please answer them if you can without being condescending. We were all new players at one stage.

Welcome players from other games: We've seen an influx of new players especially from Elite Dangerous due to their recent patch. For the most part, users have welcomed these players with open arms however we do see instances of users not being the upstanding Citizens they should be. There is more than enough room for space games out there, be kind to our ED Cmdrs!

Reporting users breaking the rules: The reporting function helps us immensely when trying to sort out items that need moderating. Thank you to all the users who use that function.

Thank you to all Citizens!

Thanks for being a part of this great community. We hope to see it grow even bigger and better. Looking forward 3.14 which should be a great patch for a lot of us to jump back in.

As promised, we are offering two $25 dollar Star Citizen Giftcards to users in this thread:

  • Your account is greater than 3 days old at the time of your comment.
  • You have provided some feedback in the thread and/or have been an active contributor in the past.
  • Your post doesn't break subreddit rules
  • Cards will be issued at random after approx 2 days of this thread being live.

Thank you everyone!!!!


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