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The 3.11 Experience

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log in. Get out of bed. Up pops a window that says: You are in a queue to join the server. It disappears as soon as it arrives. What does it mean? I have no- starcitizen.exe has stopped responding.

log in. Get out of- 30k.

log in. Manage to get out of bed without the game exploding. I'll check out the new cargo bay, that'll be neat. The theme of this patch is cargo, so they must have fixed the delivery missions, right? So I go to the cargo bay, look around, realize I can't interact with anything, leave. Guess I won't be seeing that place again for 4 or 5 months. Then I check the missions. Oh look the delivery missions are still awful. Why didn't they at least put some of the old ones back for variety? Whatever time to do bounties for another 3 months I guess.

Woah a fancy esperia thing. Let me try it out. I get in it, and about 3 feet off the pad its radar turns into a sun and I am blinded. It's literally a flaming red ball that blows out the whole screen. Aaaand 30k. Oh well.

This time I hop in the gladius. I successfully manage to get into it without the game shitting the bed, but… oh dear god no. It's flappy canopy time. Open. Shut. Open. Shut! The canopy flaps open and closed like it's trying to communicate. I get out of the gladius to observe this phenomenon from outside, and after a few cycles of morse code it stops. I climb back in, get 20 feet above the pad and, for the love of god the canopy opens again, and this time my character decides to climb out of the gladius. I'm still close enough to the pad that there's gravity, but high enough I'll die if I fall. But I miraculously clip through the gladius and come to stand upon it. I try to climb back into it, successfully clicking the button, but the canopy only flaps cruelly at me. My character's foot has a quantum event and falls into the ship and suddenly my character is jittering up and down having a seizure. I take a huge amount of chest damage as I rapidly click on the canopy that's flapping up and down, taunting me. I experience zero gravity for a moment, then my character dies, its body flying off into the distance as the ship falls to the pad and explodes. To top it off the game refuses to respawn me and I sit at a black screen until I alt f4

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