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The Infinite Loading Screen in 3.13: A Workaround that still Helps me!

Hello fellow Citizens! Recently i read many people having the problem with the infinite loading screen, i had it myself multiple times now in the PU after logging out in bed,crashing servers or sometimes even when just exiting to menu,standing on a Station. I made a Workaround post for the 3.12 branch wich got really good resonances,and in addition to this post i Wanna give some more input what I do to get around it:

This is the Post,read it before continueing on this one,i don't want to write it all again or just copy it.

So to give some more help to the Old post i did some new things in additon to just load into the AC,but first i want to make clear HOW to see if you have an Infinite loading screen,and when it just loads really slow.

You can actually see the servers/games attemt to load in when starting it with a User.cfg with following phrase:

r_displayinfo = 3

Or just open the command window with ^ on your keyboard and type it in. On the top right corner you will see some Informations regarding the Games system Usage and it's specs. Whats interesting for us is the ENTERIES thing a little further down. When loading into the PU this counter has tongo up to about 80.000,when i have an infinite loading screen it get's stuck between 8.000 and 9.000 Entitiys.So,that info is just for your knowledge that you're beyond help for that loading attemt,sometimes it stays at 8.000 ish for a while and gets up,but when staying there for minutes it surely is an Infi ite loading screen.

So, now for the things i do tto get back into the Verse in 3.13, i don't know WICH of these steps fix the screen for me,so i always do them ALL: -First,let the loading screen happen until you get the error or a crash to desktop.

-Back in the Menu i change something on the Appearance of my Charakter,that can be the eyes or ears,some advice to actually change the Gender,wich helps most i think.

-After that load into the Arena commander free flight,i mostly do it with the Ship that i used to logout(if i logged out on one).

Then i fly around a little to make sure everything is loaded in properly. I get out of my seat and walk around a little too. After getting back in i Fly into an Asteroid to die and explode the ship.

-Then back in the menu i change something minor AGAIN on my char,just because i want to make sure that step is saved in the database before and after the AC try.

-After that i try to load back into the PU,on a very different region i tried before: if i had best (i live in Europe,so the game would order my Best to Europe i think) i take AUS or USA,if i already had the loading screen on one of these,i try the other.

So,most of you guys will think i'm insane and that will never work,but i just want to help. SC is a game with strange bugs and thus you sometimes need strange Workarounds. All of the Above listed were workarounds in the past that even CIG used to say the players when they had the infinite loading screen or that players confirmed to be useful at some point,i just do all of them at once so there is no possibility i didn't try anything.

In Addition: From MY(!) understanding the Infinite loading is caused by the SERVER trying to locate your in Universe position! This means deleting Files like the userfolder or similar tricks will not help! The charakter reset is just said to be the safest Way to do so because it RESETS this position,the Workarounds above are just useful to CHANGE the state of the Charakter in some way (i.E. DIE,appearance,server region,respawn in AC,destroy the ship ylu logged out in,wich doesn't destroy it in PU to make that clear!).

So,i hope this Guide helps some people! If yes feel free to share it with your friends and other Citizens that have those problems,CIG will help us someday but until then we need to try everything by ourselfs.

PS: A little Extra to the r_displayinfo thing:

You can see a BwIn: and a BwOut Tab on somewhere in these informations,if one of THIS numbers freeze you can CONFIRM a 30k. Mostly in 3.13 its' BwIn:0.003 = Zombie server that won't 30k.

If those numbers are BOTH still changing in the 0.300-1.600 range,the server/your connection is still OK!


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