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The MSR, Fuel Efficiency and you (An owner’s ramblings)

Content of the article: "The MSR, Fuel Efficiency and you (An owner’s ramblings)"

So, as someone that was deeply in love with the pitched role and looks of the MSR, I obviously had to get one. And it was neat, a more nimble, tanky-enough, medium sized cargo runner/data runner that paid in high fuel consumption. Which obviously was too high. Still is:

CIG marked most Council posts fixed after increasing the tank size (that was already larger than e.g. a Carrack's and a lot of these posts were not about capacity but consumption)

Now I get that this ship needs to be balanced to not outclass anything else by a long shot, but after using it for pretty much every activity in game, here's my humble opinion, followed by what's still obviously wrong with the ship:


at 114SCU, it's definitely a great hauler, 114 SCU let's you do some bulk trading (when trading is not utterly broken) with less profitable items. (if it weren’t for the consumption…)


Is decent. We ran a few tests, it's faster than most fighters but due to it's EXTREME mass it can't out accelerate fighters and stilll has to take a pounding for 30-50 seconds after achieving full speed, before it actually gets out of gun range of most things. That's plenty of time to die when a light fighter deals anywhere from 1500-2500 DPS. But still puts pressure on whoever is trying to take you down.


While 6 S3 sounded awesome on paper (4 of which currently don't work as turrets are bugged with no interior spawning), 6 S3 divided by 3 people is among the most terrible damage per player out of all cargo ships. It still works, it's not the broken combat/cargo ship everyone feared it would be. I'd still rather fight stuff in a Cutlass, if I'm honest. It's also a far cry of the Freelancer's and Connie's armament. (which is good, not every cargo ship needs tons of S4s or a bazillion missiles. This one's fast to help avoid combat.)

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10/10, no contest here. Handles like a dream. Goes fast. If you let 'er rip, you can have a blast in it. Considering how thicc it is.

Now for the ugly:

Fuel scoops:

They don't work. And no, it’s not intended for balancing. They still only scoop around 100l/s for 2 Size 5 scoops according to the game files (same scoops as the Carrack, which btw scoops 2200l/s). This doesn't sound like a big deal until you realize that you run out of fuel by just sitting there. Even when cut to "barely staying afloat" levels of max thruster power, it burns way more than it could ever scoop. No other ship does that. That sounds like someone done goofed with the values for these scoops.

In addition to that, a Carrack takes a little over 30 minutes to rescoop its fuel. That’s a long ass time to just sit there and stare at your Hydrogen gauge slowly replenish. The MSR takes… wait for it… 14 hours. Real life hours. If you’re out and about later in the verse that would mean logging on on a Friday night, letting your ship drift until Saturday morning so that you can spend 40 minutes in atmosphere before leaving it drifting in space for 14 hours again.

Or pay the small price of a small land vehicle to refuel. If there’s a station nearby.

Tank size:

Was never the issue, it had ludicrous amounts of fuel before, now it has twice that. A refuel runs you 2×25000 aUEC. A normal, no-crazy maneuvers, planetside landing and take off will cost you anything between 2000 and 5000 UEC depending on gravity and atmosphere size. (for one landing, that quickly amounts to more than most trade runs are worth if you're landing like 2-3 times during your trip) In quite a number of cases you can pull more actual profit by doing the same run in a Cutlass with less than half the Cargohold, simply due to the insane fuel costs.

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It weighs 1 Caterpillar. Possible, Cat is empty mostly. But so is the MSR at half the length. But the Cat is not even a ship in the MSR's class. And is for the most part, a S3 component-toting-large-ship with 5 times the SCU.The MSR weighs 6.9 Freelancer MAX's. It weighs about 3.2 Constellations. That affects both it's acceleration but also how much fuel it guzzles to achieve its inherent agility.

Why is it so damn heavy? Wouldn't bringing weight AND thruster size AND tank size back down be reasonable? Same handling, sort of more bearable but still high running costs.

Or fixing the scoops? That way you still would run out of Hydrogen in the blink of an eye when actually using the speed and agility but would at least give you the option of running it somewhat efficiently when not telling your resident wookie pilot to punch it.

What does everyone else think?

I know the fuel stats/tank sizes etc. are not final and balanced according to Crusader and that everything will be unicorns and rainbows some point in the future.

Yet, fixing the scooping number or fiddling with the mass can’t be much more of a hassle than tweakin tank size. It would be nice if the MSR was actually sort of usable for its intended purposes without resorting to exploiting the whole claim-to-refuel crap.

TL;DR: I still don't think the MSR works as intended. Fight me. 😛


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