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The MSR has lots of hydrogen fuel. It is simply not fuel efficient which is an important difference.

Content of the article: "The MSR has lots of hydrogen fuel. It is simply not fuel efficient which is an important difference."

Compare these values:

Hydrogen fuel: (PTU values)

  • Cutlass Black: 360,000
  • Vanguard Warden: 405,000
  • Retaliator: 510,000
  • Constellation: 660,000
  • Valkyrie: 945,000
  • Mercury: 1,450,840
  • 600i: 2,385,000
  • Starfarer: 7,039,500

So we really don't need to ask for more Hydrogen fuel because refilling that big tank when it is empty will already be pretty expensive. Bigger empty tank = more expensive refill 😛

The entire topic is about fuel efficiency and I strongly believe that this will now be coming stronger as a balancing and ship differentiation feature.

The Mercury for example seems to be fine in space due to scooping up fuel, which it cannot do in atmosphere – it seems- which leads to much faster drain as the scoops do not counter the usage.

Now while I am personally OK with having MSRs unusual agility to size ratio balanced with more brutal fuel consumption and the high fuel cost that come with it, I also say that it is just a bit too much – and too much out of our control.

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CIG: please give us some fuel efficiency control

With this I mean that thrusters which are toned down in their thrust should have more efficient fuel usage.Non-linear usage.

At the moment if I have thrusters thrusting at 50% strength per second I have 50% fuel consumpetion per second. So no efficiency fuel gain at all. This eresults in just taking twice as long to get from A to B with no fuel saved as the trip duration in the end consumes the same total fuel amount.

If CIG gave us increased fuel efficiency based on thrust we would be able to adjust the thrust and even the thrusters individually to match the fuel consumption we find fitting for us personally, at the cost of maneuverability.

This would of cource be a thing for all ships and in my regard this would lead to a fantastic new systemic and organic feature where each of us players can set the own ship to be more specifically adjusted to what we prefer.


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You can have a more detailled look at what I mean with individual thruster efficiency setting in this video. (**Note**: In that video I believed that the fuel efficiency is already a thing, but in the end those findings are not worth much as long as the total sum of fuel used for a certain distance is still the same.)


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