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Thoughts on ship pressurization mechanics

Content of the article: "Thoughts on ship pressurization mechanics"

Having played my fair share of Hellion, there is potential for a decent amount of gameplay just concerning air pressure in ships.

We have seen video examples of stations decompressing, and talk of explosive decompression in ships. I haven't seen any discussions regarding their intended direction with this though. IMO if this is going to be fleshed out in any meaningful way, the following would likely have to be taken into consideration: – Note, I'm just calling "ship atmosphere/air" O2 for simplicity.

  • Ability to collect O2 from appropriate planets, purchase it from stations, and maybe even generate it yourself.
  • Ability to store this O2 in a holding tank when decompressing a cargo bay or airlock, or for emergencies. Also ability to monitor that volume you have stored and the volume required to pressurize each area of the ship.
  • Airlocks will have to be well thought out, as decompressing/recompressing large volume areas takes time and is unlikely to be an afterthought by most ship manufacturers.
  • Ability to manually adjust pressure in sealed areas (easy enough from the interface rework they are doing), and will potentially require additional controls in each "room". This also requires the devs to be able to logically group internal areas that these interfaces affect, and assign a pressure variable too each.
  • Warnings/repercussions for opening doors between different pressured zones. Even landing on atmospheric planets that aren't 1 atmo could require this. Further consideration to planets with inhospitable atmo that you may not want your clean air mingling with, requiring pressurization of an airlock with native gases.
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  • Air filtration
  • Breaches and repairing holes which can cause O2 depletion via varying rates.
  • Inability to depressurize if power is down. Represurization could be handled mechanically perhaps.
  • Fire suppression in low O2 environments

This gives multicrew more to do in the down time, in preparation for the intended destination.

The alternative is just implementing a magical/sci fi system that handles everything automatically, but that's not typical considering past SC direction. I'm sure there is a lot more to consider, but in any event, it's an important concept in a "Space Sim".


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