Star Citizen

Today I saw what this game could be. I was amazed.

Holy shit.

For the majority of the last year, I had a strange feeling of "this game needs something new". I was bored, felt like I had done everything in this game, saw everything, etc.
Then XenoThreat came along. And this was the first taste of what things might be one day in SC. My org, which specializes in CDF operations, loves this. We use a Carrack or Hammerhead as a mobile station and fight the enemie ships while our boarding parties take care of the starfarers. We met so many great people during the last few days, i was blown away. People that lost their ships and needed a ride back to MIC-L1, people that helped us to fill our Carrack/HH, joint operations when boarding ships, defending each other, etc. This game has never felt so alive.

Today, after the XenoThreat event finished on our server, most people left. The server went down to a population of 4 people – and this was when the real deal started.
There is no other way to say this besides: Holy shit. When only 4 people remained on the server, the entire gameplay changed for us. FPS went up to 90 FPS EVERYWHERE (with a GTX 1070, 16 gb Ram, etc), hostiles on foot and piloting ships became real enemies, animations EVERYWHERE became incredibly smooth and the entire world just felt… like it was running really really well.
The walking animations, the response times of piloting ships, standing up from a control station on a ship, everything looked SO MUCH BETTER because it was running so much smoother.
We didnt encounter a single bug while playing alone on the server. Weapons and helmets equipped immediatly, the quantum drive activated without any delay. EVAing had no weird wobbling around, jumping into ships didnt have a single player falling down, force reactions while flying were much more realistic.

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This was an incredible experience. If the game in its finished state (whenever that will be) is anywhere near that level of smoothness, then damn. Count me in.
I have been a supporter for quite a while. I lost faith a few times. This however hooked me for another few months propably.

Sorry for the long, maybe unnecessary post. I had all those thoughts which had to go somewhere 😀


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