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What happens IF CIG hits a development wall they can’t break through?

Content of the article: "What happens IF CIG hits a development wall they can’t break through?"

I've been having a discussion with some people about this game and I'd like to know what more in the community thinks of this.

Like many talks about Star Citizen, it eventually comes up that it seems like CIG is "skating uphill" and has been doing this since the kickstarter blew away expectations and drastically changed the scope of the game. My position is that, yeah, it really does seem like that, at the same time, CIG has moved past MANY hurdles/walls that were deemed impossible, only to have the goalposts moved, because that thing they did? "Clearly" not impressive and the "goal was always" wherever the detractor has placed their most recent goal post.

Anyway, here we are. On the cusp of seeing the last two major core engine blockers being tossed into the heat of the compiler and injected into the fires of the PTU and then the PU.

Let's imagine that iCache works amazingly. Their first iteration is so impressive that they can double or triple player numbers WHILE turning on some old, old things, like NPC ships coming and going from landing pads at Lorrville, Area18, and now New Babbage. Plus other old gems and add in new bits all at the same time.

The initial Server Meshing also knocks it out of the park and they end up being able to quickly move to splitting up Stanton and Pyro into four zones and work up the mission system to try and massage players into being a bit spread out and this still allows them to push more players into "one" server.

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It's working great… but they hit a wall anyway. There's just to damn much to track. The complexity of starships, player inventories, the super detailed nitty gritty of jobs/professions ends up simply being to much for the servers to handle, they keep trying but they need server and client hardware that just won't be available for years/decades and nobody knows how long that is going to be.

So, hat in hand… they have to come to us and tell us that they can give us SO much, but not as deep as we've been experiencing and still provide us with the variety that's intended. To give us all that variety, they'd have to simplify and boil away much of the complexity, but in the end, we'd still have so much more than most any game out there.

I would be disappointed, I dig mining as "complex" as it is, would it still be as engaging if they drew it back to a less complex system? What about ship components? Simplifying that to essentially make the ships designed with physical bits to be almost a waste of time. Salvaging that is there, but not the cool depth we've been expecting.

I would be disappointed, but I would be alright with it. It would be like shooting for setting foot on Pluto and ending up with "nothing" but a ridiculously developed out moon habitat with hundreds of thousands living on it, a Mars filled with habitats and facilities with more than 500,000 (humans with millions of animals and growing) with satellite bases and deep space outposts along the way. I'd be alright with that.

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What say you?


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