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What we know about the CNOU Nomad. tl;dr It’s not a refinery ship!

Content of the article: "What we know about the CNOU Nomad. tl;dr It’s not a refinery ship!"

Here's all we know for sure about the new Consolidated Outland ship:

  1. It's called the Nomad.
  2. It has a variant called the Black Widow.
  3. It will come with a starter package AND a SC+SQ42 package. Hater "speculates" that the price will be from $85 to $120. No idea if that speculation is based on any hard evidence.
  4. It's in ship packs called "Mobile Chop Shop" and "Independent Haulers".
  5. Based on its floor space at the IAE, it will be no larger than a Cutlass, and probably larger than an Avenger.

Here is the circumstantial evidence that it's a refinery ship:

  1. CIG said they want to release a starter refinery ship at some point.

Here's the circumstantial evidence against it being a refinery ship:

  1. A refinery ship variant called the Black Widow? lol
  2. It doesn't fit the Nomad's bundle packs. A refinery ship depends on other ships to feed it raw materials. It can't be "independent", and although it may haul the goods it refines, a solo refiner is more likely to refine and return raw materials for a commission.
  3. The Nomad will supposedly be straight-to-flyable at IAE 2020. Refining gameplay will not be implemented by IAE 2020. Why would you release a STF ship that can't even be used yet? The point of a stealth-STF release is to generate a ton of "OH SHIT" publicity, and trigger impulse buys. But if anything, a straight-to-flyable lemon would generate backlash.
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Here's the circumstantial evidence that it will be a different kind of ship. Like, say, a Cutlass/Freelancer competitor:

  1. A Cutty-like fits easily into Chop Shop and Independent Hauler packs. Just give it a tractor beam.
  2. In the lore for CNOU, its founder specifically shit-talks the Aurora, the Gladiator (which on the civilian market is meant to have light cargo and salvage variants), and the Freelancer, which gets the worst abuse. We already have an Aurora-killer from CNOU. It makes sense for their next ship to be a Freelancer-killer.
  3. Multi-role medium ships are very popular.
  4. A dedicated combat/bounty-hunting variant named the Black Widow fits perfectly.

On the latest Inforunners episode, they speculate that the Nomad could either be a refinery ship or a "gypsy hauler", which could operate as a mobile shop. There is no evidence for it, but "gypsy hauler" could easily fit with a Cutty/Freelancer-type ship, and would fit perfectly with the Nomad's bundle packs. So it's possible. But the Nomad will not be a refinery ship.

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