Star Wars Battlefront

A reflection of mine on the community

Well, something related to the community just happened to me and I wanted to reflect here.

For a while I stopped playing Battlefront II for personal reasons and until a few days ago I came back. As expected, I lost practice and started to fail a bit but without losing my level, for this very reason, many players when they saw how I played they began to harass me to the point of dying 15 times in a single game of HvV.

This was not only annoying if not frustrating to the point of leaving to play something else, many will say "don't worry it's normal" and this is where I think: this should be like this, it's not okay that it's normal. In my case, if I see that many players go to the same player, I avoided being the one to attack him since it would promote that toxicity and I hope you do or can do.

But as always where the bad is, there must be something good, today I was with two types of players: The one who cheated twice casually, got angry and started to follow you like crazy The player who just wants to play. At the end of playing today I decided to invite another player to fight one on one, he not only accepted but also that each member of our team realized that we were in a 1v1 And they not only respected it, they participated. As I or he died another one came to fight for his team one by one until after almost 40 minutes I finished the game losing my team.

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This has been the best I have seen in all my playing time since the coexistence was healthy and the communication was clear without the need to have chat, since I play on Xbox.

My reflection is, we can all be good players and avoid toxicity. If you see that two players are isolated fighting, respect and do not get involved, And if you see that your whole team is going to a single player, you leave him alone, you don't gain anything by making him quit the game.

Forgive me that my writing and diction are bad, I am not good at English. Thanks for your time, good evening.


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