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BB-8 and BB-9E Guide on how to 1v1 a saber hero(cause I’m bored)

I'm bored, so here's a guide that no one will read on the two bowling balls. Considering I have 100 more ranks on these two than any other hero says a lot of my mental state. FYI, I will not be covering the specfic numbers, just strategies and tips I have gotten. Large scale gamemodes should be relatively easy as these guys.

Both BB units have a shock prod that will keep firing as long you hold it, with BB-8's doing more damage and BB-9E's being able to stun every few seconds. Both have one of the smallest hit boxes in the game: abuse this as much as you can. Since your so small, preparing ambushes and surprise attacks are significantly easier than any other hero, and you are much harder to hit. Blaster heroes should not be a problem, unless they are good, they will have trouble killing. The trouble arrives when fighting saber heroes, boba and palp. There's not much you can you do against boba and palp, especially if they jump go to a place you can't reach, so leave these two to your allies if possible.

BB-8 Strategies against Sabers:

-As BB-8, you will need to be good at anticipating attacks and dodging to not get killed instantly. Instead of dodging away from an enemy, dash behind them or to the side of them and flick your crosshair to get in some damage: this also applies to BB-9E.

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-Resistance support (can't remember the name of it) is useful as it makes enemies take 10% more damage, so use it whenever you can

-Cable spin is useful when there are many enemies as you can deal a fuck ton of damage and take a lot without dying. Most people underestimate how quickly you can die to cable spin. In a 1v1 however, cable spin isn't as viable for damage, more being useful as pressure than anything. Bear in mind, during cable spin, you will not be able to dodge and will move relativley slow, so be smart with it.

-Headbutt is the most useful move when in a 1v1 as it can be used to knock over an enemy, deal damage through block and finish off enemies. It also has a short cooldown, so it will be up most of the time for you to use.

-BB-8 also has insane health regen: if paired with the ability card that increases your health regen by 100, you can get almost all of your health back after many fights. This also goes for BB-9E, but he has lower health regen than BB-8

BB-9E strategies against sabers:

Before you play BB-9E, it is important to know that he is a support character, so you should almost always be near a team mate. It isn't impossible to 1v1 with him, but it is still hard due to his lack of options and kit that revolves around support and pressure rather than pure damage.

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-The fog reveals enemies, but won't do anything else besides that; however, this doesn't make it useless. If anything, it is incredibly difficult to see BB-9E in the fog, especially when he's moving fast. Use this to confuse people, even veteran players will struggle finding you in this. You can still use your other abilities while this is active.

-Shock spin doesn't have as much damage as cable spin, but it does have a knockback on activiation that will send people flying if hit by it. I would recommend cancelling the ability after knocking an enemy away as to not get hit, but it can be used to some damage in.

-Bacta support will refresh the cooldowns of your shock prod and ally blasters, but will also decrease the cooldown of ally abilities and will cause enemies blasters to overheat. This is more useful in large scale game modes or when fighting a blaster hero, this is practically useless in a 1v1 against a saber hero.

-Finally, his stun is one of the strongest abilities he has. Being able to stop a person for a few seconds can help you win 1v1s, and can also make annoying saber spammers sit still for a few seconds instead of swinging like they have no brain.

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That's it then, hope you learnt something if your considering playing these 2 for the first time. Or not, I wrote this cause I was bored, you could watch a guide on YouTube which is most certainly better than what I just threw together here.


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