Star Wars Battlefront

Obi Wan Kenobi five minute HVV guide

Obi Wan is a tank. The master of defense the lightside needs. You can play him passive, but that wastes him. Obi Wan is best played as an ebb and flow character, using the tools he has to play both offensive and defensive.

Obi Wan has great defensive stamina, and average attacking stamina. His swing speed is slow, but extremely usable. You should be using your blocking stamina to outlast your opponents, while doing damage to them over time. Parrying with him is very important, since it can help reduce the risk of his slow swing speed.

All Out Push is situational, but it does it job. It works as a close range get off me tool, and a long range sniping tool. Up close, it works well to punish options that can be knocked down, like Kylo frenzy, or Mail saber throw. You can also use it to protect team mates from afar.

Mind Trick is the ability that enables Obi wan to go on the offensive. The biggest issue for Obi Wan is weakness to force abilities when playing offensive due to his low mobility. Defensive Rush is not immune to abilities, so when you want to play offensive, apply a mind trick. Keep in mind there is a bug that disables the effects when you use it on a knocked down enemy, or when an enemy is knocked down when effected.

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Defensive Rush is by far Obi Wan's best ability. It's best used offensive, despite it's name. With the card FORWARD! it allows Obi wan to keep pressure up, and hurt the enemies hard. You are immune to lightsabers, and deflect blasters in the front. The double hit is difficult to hit, but worth going for.

Star Cards should be Jedi Resilience, Perfect Defense and FORWARD!. With these you are able to protect your team and keep the pressure on the enemies. Perfect Defense can be swapped for safeguard if you want to. Safeguard reduces attack costs as well as defense, but you sacrifice immediate defense.

Characters to watch out for are Palpatine, Boba, 9E on certain maps, and Dooku. Obi Wan cannot do anything against an equally skilled Boba or Palpatine, think an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. 9E is hard for Obi wan to hit and track, and can ledge you very suddenly in his smoke. Dooku can outlast Obi, because of his similar health regen, and high attacking stamina.

BB8 guide soon, then Dooku


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