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Weekly Friend Finder – January 08, 2021

Content of the article: "Weekly Friend Finder – January 08, 2021"

Welcome to the Weekly Friend Finder Thread!

Share your name and get in the game!

We have a number of helpful resources to help you find a squad or a clan quickly. Please leave a comment below with your in-game name, platform, region, and what you're looking for


Name: BattlefrontPlayer001 Platform: PC Region: NA Looking For: Someone to play Galactic Assault with 


Discord is a free service that hosts persistent text/voice chat rooms and has already been used by this subreddit to much success. Our subreddit has its very own Partnered Discord Server with over 1,000 members, complete with a Looking For Group system.

To find other players through our Discord server, follow these steps:

  1. Join the server
  2. Go to the #botspam channel
  3. Type the command to give yourself your platform's role – The #role-help channel has directions, if you need help
  4. Join the #looking-for-group channel
  5. Share your username

Keep in mind, the username you select when joining Discord is temporary until you've secured it through the account settings, and added your email and password. Once you've joined you can view the chat via the website, downloadable client, or the mobile app.

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As stated above, we welcome clans to recruit in this thread. Simply share your clan info much in the same way you would player info, with your clan's name, platform, region, and a description of your clan. Please make sure you also specify any requirements, such as the use of voice chat, or age requirements.

PS4 Community

Join the PS4 r/StarWarsBattlefront Community! Go to the Communities tab, search for "Reddit – Star Wars Battlefront" and join the Community with the Inferno Squad Helmet. **Do NOT join the Community with the Magmatrooper icon. This is the old Reddit Community that is no longer being Moderated.

Star Wars: Legions

Star Wars: Legions (formerly Battlefront Duels) is here to offer you duels, private matches, and events on Star Wars Battlefront 2! This is a community-ran event, organised by Battlefront 2 players, for Battlefront 2 players. Our intent is to provide private lobby hosts each Saturday, who will organise players into teams of 4, and then get into private lobbies where you can then participate in lightsaber duels without interruption!

We have a Discord – which is the place from which we'll run all these events. Feel free to join us, if you wish to take part in the action !

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We look forward to seeing you all there!


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