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You Support our Boys in the Stars – And now it is time to support your boys at home

Content of the article: "You Support our Boys in the Stars – And now it is time to support your boys at home"

Hello everyone. Bronno7 here. Throughout Star Wars, including in video games such as Battlefront and Squadrons, we see tales of heroism from all walks of life. Aliens of all races. Humans of all races – not just from plot armoured force sensitives such as the Skywalker line, but from ordinary beings as well. It matters not whether you support the pursuit of freedom and liberty of the rebellion, or the pursuit of order and stability of the Empire.

These heroes are not limited to Star Wars and fiction.

Among us on Earth, these heroes also walk among us. Those that decided to volunteer for something greater than themselves and put themselves in harms' way. Some older gentlemen and a few ladies selflessly gave of themselves in the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam. And some my age, gave in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other overseas commitments.

These people fought and served. And we supported them there. And now the time is to support them in their fight at home. This Veteran's Day, I would like to rally support to a cause close to my heart, as an Active Duty Marine: Veteran's PTSD. Below are a few links if you are so inclined. I get nothing from this, and if you do choose to help out – I won't even know.

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Wounded Warrior Project

PTSD Foundation of America

Lone Survivor Foundation

If not though, take some time this Veteran's Day to reach out to veterans near you. Not just in the United States. In Britain, Australia, Canada, and all free nations. It doesn't have to be anything silly. If you are related to or friends with one – go grab a beer. If you meet one on the streets, take a second to shake their hand. If you know a veteran – or any friend for that matter, that is struggling, let them know they are not fighting alone.

I would personally like to reach out, and thank any and all vets of the US and all allied nations who see this. Appreciate it gents. And those among our ranks personally (On Both our Discord Server and Here):

/u/Jaykeez (British Army)

/u/Wolfionk (U.S. Marines)

/u/lamarcs (U.S. Air Force)


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