A discussion on TvZ (GSL 09/26 spoilers)

Content of the article: "A discussion on TvZ (GSL 09/26 spoilers)"

first of all this is not a balance whining post. This isn’t a race war post. This is a civil discussion. I just happen to be a Terran player, but am open to insight from Zergs and even Protoss players!

I got really excited in the loser’s match between Cure and DRG when Cure started making quick burrow widow mines off an early second factory.

“Finally someone is trying to adapt to this mass ling bane style,” I thought.

I got a little less excited when he transitioned into Thors, and slowed WM production after the drop harass.

I honestly think Thor’s are useless in the matchup right now. A good Zerg will not give you enough free Thor shots to actually get any Muta kills. That’s factory production that’s being taken away from WM. Why are Terran’s not building enough WM’s? The top Zergs are playing an extremely heavy ling bane style where they can continually refill supply off a high worker count. WM’s shut down ling backstabs. They can actually kill Mutas. And they’re seemingly the only way to deal with massive balls of ling bane.

I’m only Diamond 2, but even in my bracket, most Zerg players will avoid Thors, pick them off solo when reinforcing, and just overrun you with ling bane. On the other hand, I’ve had a tonne of success with producing 3 widow mines off two factories. Late game I’m producing 5 widow mines at a time. Again, I’m only diamond, but I see this pattern even in pro games.

Why are Terrans so dead set on building Thors, and then throwing them away?

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Why not mass produce widow mines with MMM, and then transition into liberator range + ghosts for a late game army? It just doesn’t make sense to me!

I’m tired of seeing a Terran, who had good early game pressure, lose to ling bane printing zergs. It just seems so obvious to incorporate more widow mines into the composition. What am I missing here? Am I way off base? Or are terrans just too stubborn with their compositions?

If Zergs are at a point where having 50 banelings at a time is a thing, and making 100 zerglings at a time is a thing. Why are we not adapting and making a shitload of widow mines? Idk about you guys, but I’d rather have 15 widow mines (think the old counter to mass glaive adepts) than even 3 or 4 Thors.


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