A recap of GSL Season 3 Finals (spoilers)

Content of the article: "A recap of GSL Season 3 Finals (spoilers)"

So many awesome games, what a treat to watch. I'd say game 4, 5, 2, and 1 were the most fun to watch – in that order.

★ = recommended game

Game 1: Mindgames ★

Maru goes proxy 2rax reaper, which is found quickly with a great scout by TY. TY defends it with a small loss, but the game becomes fairly even. TY goes 2 factory, seemingly for mech. Maru scans it and also decides to go mech. TY drops down 2 eng bays for a bio switch and adds 4 raxes. Maru scans TY again and sees the bio switch, and does his own bio switch. Maru gets for 1/1/1/1 upgrades and is basically upgrading both bio and mech simultaneously. He out-maneuvers TY's split armies on the map and takes a good engagement to win the game. A funny and remarkable sequence of mindgames from two of the most adaptable terran players.

Game 2: How the hell did Maru make this close ★

TY grabs an early lead from cloaked banshees and runs with it for the entire game, at one point going up to 9 expansions (!!). Maru defends and defends (with one planetary under siege for what felt like a third of the game), loses 2 bases, but manages to miraculously bust out and starts wiping TY's side fo the map. It seems like Maru might take it, but TY decides to counterattack and finish off Maru's last remaining mining, forcing an engagement that wins the game in TY's favor. A ridiculous show of patience and skill from Maru's end in the face of an unsurmountable lead.

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Game 3: Counterattack

Maru does a fast tech push to siege TY's main. It does decent damage, but TY decides to mostly ignore it and send his larger army to Maru's side for a counterattack, causing the 3rd to lift and then checkmating Maru with a siege on his main production. Nothing too crazy in this game; I suspect that the map, Submarine LE, may tend to cause shorter and perhaps less interesting TvTs.

Game 4: Sky terran insanity ★

In perhaps the most exciting game of the series, both sides take 4 bases without too much issue. Maru goes for mass viking raven, while TY goes for raven viking with about 7 BCs mixed in. Both sides make great moves, culminating in TY baiting Maru's sky army to one side with BCs, and then teleporting the BCs to his main army to hit Maru's main in a sick maneuver. It seems like this would work, but Maru's overwhelming viking count wipes out TY's entire army. It feels like TY is massively down at this point, but he spends his gigantic bank and builds a giant viking force of his own, while Maru is now the one massing BCs. TY manages to get his army on Maru's production, while Maru does the same on TY's side. Both mains now wiped out, TY makes a final engagement at one of Maru's expos. It looks like he might actually win the engagement, but TY taps out as Maru's army withstands the attack. TY had forgotten to get more than +1 air weapons this game, which makes it quite amazing that he was able to keep it so close. One of the coolest and most enjoyable TvT's I've ever watched.

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Game 5: A farewell to Golden Wall ★

Maru expands to the bottom while TY expands to the top. Maru gets into a great siege position on TY's main, but TY manages to get 2 cloaked banshees into Maru's base and wreak havoc in the form of 25 SCV kills, also causing Maru to retreat. After this, they both get siege positions on each other at the same time because of Golden Wall's permeable middle mineral patches – Maru hitting TY's main while TY hits Maru's natural. Maru keeps pushing and kills TY's main, and TY rebuilds all his production at his 3rd and also the open area to his 3rd. Both players take their golds on opposite sides of the patches. Maru keeps the pressure on, continuing to slow push TY from TY's own main, but TY takes a large army and wrecks Maru's gold and natural mining, clinching the game. Another insane game. Golden wall may be retired from GSL after this game, but what a way to end it.

Game 6: The master of TvT

TY takes a quicker 3rd and an economic advantage against Maru's more defensive posture. Maru finally moves out with a scary army, but TY's defense is stellar, while able to sneak a large marine drop into Maru's main, doing huge damage. From here, TY just holds onto his lead with unrelenting pressure, getting air control with vikings and liberators, and denies Maru's 3rd and 4th while defending any attacks. Maru goes for a final push and TY crushes it with an overwhelming force. A more straightforward game which really highlights the brilliance of TY's TvT ability.


In terms of categorizing the games, I'd say game 2 and 5 were strategic victories based on TY's advantage gained from cloaked banshees (game 5 was also just crazy adaptability from TY in the face of a continuous push from Maru). Game 1, 3 and 6 were more straightforward wins based on superior maneuvering and decision making (the mindgames of 1 aside). And game 4 was a late game masterpiece that pitted TY's fantastic late game against Maru's 4th race.

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