A silly – and possibly cursed – idea for redesign of H&H P3

I wanted to come up with a few more features that would add depth to this prestige, preferably to add more meaning to the title "Galactic Gunrunners".


  • Bombing platforms are no longer capped.
  • Weapon and Armor upgrades 4 and 5 can be researched at the Armory.


  • Bombing platforms cost 30% more.
  • Galleons cannot move. (They still retain their attack and interceptors)
  • Horner's ships all arrive above the starport.

Galleons being unable to move and Horner's ships arriving only at the starport are something I came up with mostly on my own to weaken the army in a manner unlike any of the other two prestiges: P1 weakens the Horner's fleet by making them more expensive, while P2 weakens Han's armies by drastically reducing the number of Galleons. I wanted to penalize both, but in a completely different way.

It suddenly came to me that the most common case of massing bombing platforms and nothing else was when mutators made it so dangerous that bringing Galleons out of the base was nearly suicidal. I then drew some inspiration from how Stukov P1 was so good against Propagators by removing the colonist compound completely (because in the Korean servers prior to prestiges it was strongly recommended that you uproot the colonist compound and throw it away into the enemy base immediately). So I decided to make the assault galleons completely immobile, turning them into immobile production centers. I thought Galleons should still retain their attack abilities so that they can contribute to the static defense, something H&H always lacked in.

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Horner's units also needed some penalties, and naturally I came up with making all Horner units arrive right above the starport instead of anywhere else on the map. Basically Horner's starport is like the Merc Compound from WoL campaign, where units are instantly dropped right on top of the Merc compound and then move to the rally point.

I came up with these rather… convoluted penalties because I felt that simple cost modifications could never fully balance out this prestige. I believe this redesign would significantly change the way H&H is played, and give it a unique 'taste' that none of their other prestiges have. What do you think?


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