A story of a game on Dead of Night…

Since this place doesn’t get that much content, here’s a story I might as well share with y’all… It’s something I would’ve submitted a replay to Rockslapping Champions, but that’s not longer a thing…

Several hours ago, I played Dead of Night (Brutal) with a random, who was playing Han & Horner P0 L12, and I was prestiging Stukov P2 at L6 (playing on P1 because P2 sucks). My normal Stukov P1 army comp is mass diamondback (and I assume most of you also), but since it’s DoN, I decided to be defensive and go Bunker/Siege Tank instead, especially when my ally was Han & Horner who can bomb everything with strike fighters.

It was kinda late and I wasn’t really paying much attention, but I noticed my ally was really slow at clearing out the buildings. Well, it turns out they didn’t build any strike fighters, instead opting just to build BCs and a couple firebats. “Do you not use drones?”, I asked (I couldn’t remember what they were called at the time). No reply. That’s when I realised what I said isn’t actually quite true: they did build one strike fighter platform.

While I probably could’ve unrooted everything and helped him, I was lazy so… I didn’t, and left things too late. By Night 5 Nydus worms started popping everywhere and I didn’t have any way of clearing them. Maybe my ally left midgame and I didn’t notice, and I can actually build some strike fighters, I thought. Something similar happened more than a few times in the past (I guess I’m bad at noticing things). I clicked on one of their buildings. “Neutral Unit”. I guess not.

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The Nydus forces kept coming, and we were on the brink of defeat, so I actually started to concentrate and I tried to clear as much as I could with half my army, the other half barely keeping the Protoss forces at bay. At the end, there were only 3 infested buildings left, but it was too late: Night 6 came and the remainder of my forces were overrun.

My ally floated their CC to the corner of the map, but I, as Stukov, couldn’t do that. I ended up losing everything except one bunker. A bunker surrounded by hordes upon hordes of hungry dragoons… thankfully, kept safe by three or four spotters who kept the bunker in eternal void stasis.

By Day 7, the Protoss forces for some reason just fucked off apparently and had a saunter around the map (given by the attack wave markers on the minimap). But more importantly, I realised my ally did have a handful of galleons and one battlecruiser on the edge of the map! (What were they doing?) There was still a chance that we could win! But without the aid of the spotters to keep me safe at day, and that the Protoss forces could return (or appear out of Nydus worms) at any time, I decided should hide my bunker away from the Nydus worms in the corner of the map.

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So I unrooted my bunker and immediately lost because I had no more structures, because uprooted bunkers don’t count as structures.

Also, I checked my ally’s match history after the match. They literally only play on Dead of Night. Nothing else, for like, over 100 entries, barring one Mutation mission (Wheel of Misfortune). Maybe they forgot where the button to change mission is or something.


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