An open letter to NA General Chat Political Trolls

Content of the article: "An open letter to NA General Chat Political Trolls"

Dearest NA General Chat Political Trolls,

I have a bit of advice for you all. Maybe instead of spending hours talking about how Trump is the greatest president in the history of the world, or how COVID-19 is a hoax, you should practice getting better at the game.

After being annoyed by your smooth-brained hot takes on topics you have the faintest understanding of, I have challenged dozens of you cretins to 1v1s in hopes of shaming you into changing your behavior. I'm not a good player, and I'm sad to say that not once have any of you been the slightest challenge. One would think that with political views so outrageously out of touch you would at least be good at video games, but no. You're terrible at that, too.

If you want to take up space in the chat box which could be used for finding practice partners or players for lobbies, you should at least be good at the game that you are polluting. It's like you're actively trying to be the worst at everything you do. Does that just come naturally? Do you get satisfaction from making everyone that is subjected to your idiocy annoyed? If that's the case, don't you want to improve at that, too? Because the trolling is embarrassingly low effort and transparent.

"But MyNameThru, isn't the fact that you're posting here proof that the trolling is effective?" I guess so? I just long for a time when trolls had some manner of sophistication, when it wasn't immediately obvious that you were just saying whatever outlandishly stupid thing you could conjure. The bar has been lowered so far. It's a damn shame.

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Please, Political Troll of NA General Chat, step up your game. I don't care if that means getting better at the game itself, or getting better at your bizarre minigame of being a nuisance in the chat. Just show some effort and initiative so that you aren't such a waste of server bandwidth. Please!

I would love nothing more than to be tricked by one of you for once, or for you to beat me in a match. Don't you want to represent your troll brethren in a way that you can be proud of?

Yours truly, MyNameThru


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