Analyzing ZvP 19drone ling flood 2 : Solar’s Boogaloo

Content of the article: "Analyzing ZvP 19drone ling flood 2 : Solar’s Boogaloo"

First analysis:

I want to kick off this post with this image.

Let's start off with what we covered last time.

  1. The most greedy preparation possible that isn't a build order loss is to make an adept and scout with it as soon as it spawns. This requires the least investment, but consequently has a moderate chance at unsuccessfully scouting. Blind precautions include getting a shield battery before scouting aggression, early sentry, starting your 2nd gate earlier, and continually producing gateway units
  2. Stargate openers are safer against ling floods than robo twilight openers
  3. Keep your wall sealed

What's changed since Dark vs Creator:

Solar and DRG both went up to 20-22 drones, potentially throwing off Zest.


  1. Zest doesn't make an adept at all, and doesn't scout at all past 1 late probe.
  2. Zest opens stargate
  3. Beautifully seals the gate with a probe.

Zest loses because he has ONE gateway unit, which is greedy on multiple levels. No scouting, low defense potential, and no offensive/map pressure. If he had an adept or his stalker sitting in the wall he could've immediately put down a gate, it would've had more health and possibly would have finished. Also, he starts with a stalker and warp gate as his cyber finishes. If Zest gets an adept and delays warp gate instead, he can immediately start his stargate. His cyber finishes at 2:10, if he starts his stargate immediately and chronos his void ray it finishes between 3:11 and 3:20 depending on a couple factors, and the lings land on the wall at 3:04.

I'd like to mention ling speed doesn't finish until 3:22ish, it's safe to scout. There's literally no reason not to know this is coming when you make Zerg take the 3rd as his natural, you have safe vision in between bases until 3:22.

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(Golden Pillars)

  1. Zest makes an adept, and sends it up his main ramp? Doesn't scout.
  2. Zest opens robo twilight, inherently weaker against 19 ling floods.
  3. Solar prevents Zest from sealing the wall with a drone drill.

Like every cheese loss, this is a small mistake domino effect. If zest scouts he should know the ling flood is coming and the drones don't matter. Have 1 probe at the wall when you know its coming, shade your adept back, and plug the hole before the drones drill through. In fact, just scout and plug the hole as soon as you see a ling flood coming. Drones deal less damage and take up more space than lings, meaning they're a detriment to Zerg's wall dps. If you plug the wall and keep it sealed, you won the game, no other questions asked.

Additional ZvP matches on Everdream since Dark vs Creator (not ling floods).

Zoun vs Soo

Zoun vs Armani (initial match)

Zoun vs Armani (elimination match)

Short Summary on Zoun's everdream play: no blind precautions against 19 ling flood, beyond what could be generic probe scouting. Unfortunately there are no other ZvPs in GSL since Dark vs Creator in ro24. If anybody has some links to ZvP 19 ling floods on everdream at DreamHack I'd be happy to go look at it.

Additional thoughts:

I'm curious if anyone can provide an argument for whether void ray or oracle is better in 19 ling flood situations. Both have the same build time and oracles have higher dps but run out of energy.

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No disrespect to Zest for losing to Solar's Pillars of Gold build. As I said in the last thread, there's no shame in losing once to some random off-meta build in a series and it happens to the best players in every match up.

I'm assuming Zest plays stalker first against DRG on everdream because he wants to use the same build that he just used against Solar on everdream. DRG could potentially already have a counter planned, which makes denying vision highly important. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the greed started before the game did. On the same subject, Zest's late probe scout in game 1 baits DRG in to going 12 pool the next game, which Zest handles well because he pylon scouts. I love this kind of out of game planning even if it doesn't always go according to plan. I'm mildly interested in making a full length post about this and similar details, but not sure if I'll get around to it.

Scouting with the first adept on Everdream is unpopular in GSL. Is there something I don't know? The last time a Protoss scouted with their first adept on everdream was zest vs rogue (group D ro16 season 2, match 2 and 5 . Nothing bad happened in either match. Only conclusion I can come to is the possibility of the first 4 lings sneaking through the wall before the 2nd gate unit finishes.

I think the standard wall positioning on everdream is unsafe against zerg. Zest (vs DRG) loses 2 buildings and has no further room to rewall, leaving a massive hole. For example, if you wall a little further out you have a lot more space to rewall. Please take this entire statement with a grain of salt, by no means am I a protoss wall expert.

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I don't think I'll make another post about early ling floods. I doubt we'll see it work again. Fool me four times shame on you, fool me five times shame on me. If you have any other cheeses in any other matchup that you would like to see analyzed in the same fashion please let me know!


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