Anyone get frustrated enough with the SC2 ladder to just, well, stop playing it? Way more than you should with a ‘game’?

Content of the article: "Anyone get frustrated enough with the SC2 ladder to just, well, stop playing it? Way more than you should with a ‘game’?"

Most people who have played it will say that SC2 is a very good game. I am one. It is a good game. Playing the 'ladder', moreover, can foster a sense of healthy competition and even make you 'addicted' to the game in a relatively good way. However, I recently got to a point where I felt I had little choice but to delete the game. It wasn't a tough decision; it was an easy one. I don't plan on playing it again. Before I did this, I watched a bunch of videos (Vibe's B to GM series was the series I watched the most) and tried to get better. I did get better after a while. I made it to almost Gold, which I know a lot of players will think is a joke, but it meant something to me at the time. I won a lot, I lost a lot, I won a lot, I lost a lot, and so on. Eventually, however, the joy of the victories became less overpowering than the disappointments over the losses. I would get angry, upset, because in everything else in life, it seemed to me, the more you work at it the better you will get at it. This is surely true of SC2, but it didn't feel true to me, in my limited perspective, at the time. Something felt off. I got sick of competing and competing and competing over time. I got sick of the losses (which were, granted, counterbalanced by wins). The whole affair became less of an excitement and more of a slog. I would be put in a bad mood after losing, and even the good mood I enjoyed after winning became increasingly more of a neutral mood, or a mood that made me feel anxious lest I lose the spot I just gained (which happens ALL THE TIME). There is also the very important fact that there are no real rewards – or at least, rewards that last – in this game, for most people. As soon as you go up a tier, you play opponents harder than you played before. So you have no time to appreciate what you've accomplished. It's as if you get pushed right back to the beginning every time you take a step forward. Not to mention all the learning you have to do, and practice, and upkeep, and diligent attention to tutorials, and new playings styles and so on. I know this is how life works. You have to keep doing something to get better at it. So I'm not saying there's anything wrong with SC2 or the people who play it (obviously). It's just that, in my own case, I started to have difficulty drawing the line between 'fun' and 'labour', and I don't recall ever playing a game when this phenomenon happened quite to the extent it did in SC2. So I suppose I'm wondering if anyone else feels or felt the same way – whether it led to you to delete the game, like me, or to take a long, long break. Thanks! See you. JC

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