As a long-time Zerg player:

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I just wanna say, as a mid-diamond zerg player, that the ladder is a very strange place. I tried hard for a long time. I played a lot of ladder games, I watched a lot of replays, and I watched a lot of casted professional games. I'll admit that I tend to be an aggressive player and that my play style really isn't properly suited to zerg (I found the other two races much easier to succeed at, which isn't the same thing as "zerg underpowered").

Initially, I tried to play this game like a real RTS (real time strategy). But ultimately I hit a wall, so I switched races (cuz terran and toss must be OP right?).

Well, I hit a wall with those two races as well (same wall: mid diamond).

What I realized is what this post is all about: people on ladder play relatively blindly; they do not treat this game like a real RTS. I, on the other hand, had been trying to treat it like an RTS all along: scouting my opponent, reacting to what they're doing, etc. But I often found that I couldn't actually tell what my opponent was actually doing because, at the mid-diamond level, we all suck so much we do stupid stuff that no one can properly scout.

I'm sure everyone imagines they are playing "proper SC2". They try to play "starcraft" and they mistakenly imagine this to mean long-drawn-out macro games where you eek out a win via a good mid-game push or a late-game win via an accumulation of small victories via strategy and micro.

The problem is that, at that relatively low level of gameplay (sorry if y'all think that's a low level) people mostly play blind macro for the first part of the game. By then there are enough units to prevent further scouting, and enough options that I can't predict what is to come. Essentially, people think they're playing starcraft "right" and yet they're mostly omitting the "real time" aspect of RTS.

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So, after playing all three races, as well as random, at the mid diamond level, I realized that everyone is doing the same thing, and I could beat them all, almost all the time, with the same b**sh* cheese-type strategies.

What I realized, was that I could craft build orders which capitalized on the fact that most ladder players are not scouting and reacting at all and simply trying to get to some imaginary mid game position where they can do what they think they should be doing to win the game "the right way".

Basically, I observed all my games, and watched how the majority of players played, and crafted strategies specifically oriented to beat the prevailing mentality of mid-diamond league players.

It worked. I now have several cheeses, for each race, which work exceptionally well at the mid-diamond level of gameplay, relying on build order and basic mechanics (no fancy micro) alone.

It's nuts.

I just wanted to know y'all's thoughts about that.

Cheers. GLHF out there.


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