Blizzcon 2021 Starcraft 2 request

Dear Blizzard (Activision), for a long time I have been dreaming that you will unlock unused material from Starcraft 2, we know what we are talking about, I will not repeat myself more times.

I understand that for you, it is simple files that are piled up like boxes in a warehouse and that at any moment you would unlock for your purposes.

But Starcraft 2 is over for you, no more CooP, no more updates "or so you said the other time" I may be confused I'm human and big mouth.

For users who like modding and those who, although we know that it does not have much future, we continue with the company as good parishioners that we are, we review each file, client, web pages in search of information and that precious Blizzard art, When you launched the Starcraft Ghost probe balloon, we are in the Discord group, we are the majority of Sc2mapster, we hallucinate and become fascinated with each of the things that expand the universe that we know of Starcraft.

By this, I mean that those of us in this group are not few. WE LOVE STARCRAFT and for us it is more than a "simple" RTS game.

I know that I have already written this a thousand times and a thousand times you have ignored me and as much as it bothers me, I understand it, although every action has its reaction and if you add the love we have not only for the game, it is for Starcraft in general .

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I know that in writing things do not sound as good and more in these times than anything you write on the net, it is something dangerous and offensive for someone anywhere on the planet.

And now that I see these reactions on the internet, I understand that my way of speaking or asking you please, you have misinterpreted it, so I invite you to enter the discord channel (just as you did with the Sc2mapster channel). And u can see what I speak.

I have done editor's guides, I try to do what I can, as long as the boat floats, but I DO NOT WANT TO BE OFFENSIVE, only options and numbers are not worth to keep people happy. And really the last update is appreciated, I am creating a map with the last updates, but we really do not ask you for anything that in the future you can use, in mobile games or other games, I thought about this 30th anniversary of yours and now as the last I try, I thought about writing this whole bible to ask you again, please, to unlock something, but simply for the community and I do not ask for it by demanding or anything like that, I really do not know how to ask it so that it does not sound strange in a chat.

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And I repeat I do not pretend to be offensive or anything about it, just for the fact of knowing that there are such amazing things "And many more" and not being able to exploit it as a game.

I know very well that Sc2 contains some unused content, but most of it is unusable, due to not being finished, lack of animations, etc. And I also know that you reuse or incorporate models to create variations with the old models, or you create a new version of the old one but still the old one is "abandoned"

As a company, how difficult is it that you cannot unlock this material? For something related to contracts or something? I've really come to think of many things and I still don't understand it.

Can't you release them as an art expansion?

They are just ideas, I don't want them to be misunderstood.

Fantasy Pack! Starcraft Pack! Overwatch model pack for Starcraft 2, I repeat are simple ideas, I appeal to

Bethesda, when they released Skyrim was a simple game, they improved the moddign tools and you already know what happened, they currently have two remakes of the game.

I simply ask you (me personally) not to listen to only 10% of the community, there are more people 90% more, that although the Arcade mode is not compared to Fornite or LoL, we are still there.

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Greetings and thank you .

PD: I do not expect an answer, I do not have much confidence that this will help, but I invite you to the discord that we have and that you check it.

We are still here.


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