Broodwar ever getting a balance patch? Ex #1 in the world thinks a discussion should be had.

Content of the article: "Broodwar ever getting a balance patch? Ex #1 in the world thinks a discussion should be had."

At this point, we all know spider mines are crazy op. Vultures should not counter dragoons by speeding up and dropping mines in his face. I think spider mines should only be effective if placed hidden outside of combat. Give them a 2.5 second additional arming setup time, and 2 seconds before they gain cloaking.

Vultures being op break up the ordinary zergling,marine, zealot rush ecosystem. I would like to come back to play SC1 again, but spidermine op abuse breaks the robustness of early play.

Also, other balance changes I would do is change hydralisk to do full damage to mutas. Hydralisk en mass can never win vs mass muta. The option should be there.

Revears should do double damage.(This one is a joke because my spirit animal is a revear.)

Scouts and wraiths were too nerfed when the nerf bat came back in the day. Raise ground attack damage by a small amount on scouts and wraiths. The viability of mixing small 2-4 squads of wraiths or scouts should be an option for base harass.

This one would be very controversial but medics should not be able to heal units that took damage in the past 3 seconds. Lower their cost to build though. In vanilla starcraft, I would send wounded marines back to bunkers, and it was worth it. If we sent wounded marines back to base and they got healed, that would even be more worth it. Before you think about how dumb sending wounded marines back to bunkers is like you believe it is a waste. Remember I was #1 in the world in 1999 and I did this. Also, two medics on a ramp stopping an army of infinite zerglings is pretty dumb, rite?

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Valkaries should be unbugged so always do damage even through graphical glitches happen.

I think Battlecruisers are a tiny tiny bit underpowered in combat so a little buff like +1 damage or +1 armor.

Conclusion: Public test before going live for months, and you don't break the ecosystem if everyone liked it for 6-12 months and you recalibrate balance tweaks for strengthening or weakening based on the inevitable repercussions of fixing the bad stuff. I have more hours of game design, programming and play than anyone on Earth, over 100,000 hours. I wasn't just #1 in Starcraft, but also Warcraft3 and Diablo2 hardcore. I eat sleep and dream balance unlike anyone on Earth. So I know it sounds redic to have the Starcraft have a balance patch because people are afraid of messing up a classic hit, but have you ever considered it could become an even greater game?


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