Broodwar: How on earth can you counter psionic storm with zerg???

Content of the article: "Broodwar: How on earth can you counter psionic storm with zerg???"

I installed the game from my original disc. For the record, it works fine, though it always pauses briefly near the beginning of cinematics. Also, sometimes dialogue is delayed, which can cause it to be played at the same time as the next dialogue scene.

Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to play through the campaigns (I never finished them). I'm doing the zerg campaign for the original game, and I keep running into a problem. Stupid templars keep using psionic storm from the fog or war and one-shotting my entire army. I have no idea how I can counter this. I mean, simply rebuilding my army is a challenge since I have no way to stop the ai from coming into my base with one of those cursed op things and annihilating all my work instantly. I had this problem on mission eight, where I spent most of the game just massing mutalisks since the ai kept coming out of nowhere and obliterating all of them. It seriously took me at least 3 or 4 attempts to find a spot where those things couldn't get to them.

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Now, I'm on mission nine, and I just had to abandon my game because some templars came out of nowhere and obliterated my entire army while I was trying to get a geyser. That map is really annoying btw; the enemy doesn't throw things at you until you try to exploit their lack of units. For instance I sent in guardians to level a base, because I thought they had no air units for w/e reason. Suddenly, they were attacked by scouts and carrier. Annihilated all but two of them. Later, after I managed to rebuild my army, both my geysers had run out, so I attempted to take the base again. While I was doing that, suddenly a HUGE number of dragoons showed up along with half a dozen templar came out of nowhere (I had yet to see those stupid templar that game) and of course they instant killed my entire army. With no gas and no army, I had to just concede the game. What, am I supposed to counter reavers with zerglings??? Yeah, I guess I could've just sat there and waited for my gas to trickle in, and rely on colonies to defend me. Of course, I didn't see much reason to believe my mineral supply was going to last much longer.

Seriously, what are you supposed to do about those things??? They appear completely unbeatable! Their range is greater than your vision, and those things move insanely fast (for a protoss unit anyway). I have no way of knowing they're even there until they cast their stupid storm and annihilate everything I have. Besides, because of their shields I can't kill them fast enough even if I do somehow see them before they cast storm. Seriously, what am I supposed to do? If I were to ever play online again, I would just play protoss all the time, even though I used to be a zerg main, because that one damned unit is so stupid op. I just can't find a way around it. I don't even know how I'm going to finish the campaign with those stupid things running around.

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